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I’ve been working in Prague for some years already and I’ve noticed, that more and more couples either from East: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and west: Germany, France and England, of Europe do choose this city as the place of their big day. Recently many brides from Asia (Singapore, China, Japan) also have had organised ceremonies in Czech. That’s why, having some experience on this field, I would like to share it those, who are interested in planning a wedding in Prague.

Wedding in Prague

What attracts people in Prague?

Having shot dozens of projects in Prague, I came to conclusion, why the city attracts so many brides and bridegrooms. They come to the heart of Europe in order to escape the old traditions. People want to spend the big day in life as light and bright as possible. Weddings as a phenomena can be compared with places to have meal. Some of them are bistros — you eat to satisfy the hunger but do you really enjoy the process? But in restaurant with professional waiters every one can enjoy the whole process and consume all the dishes with utmost pleasure.

Someone is ready to stay under cut-glass chandelier on the red carpet of the registry office, hearing a dummy speech. Others overcome thousand of miles to swear solemnly under the astronomical clock of the Old Town Square. And all the elements: Prague, relatives, guests, crowds of tourists, who congratulate newlyweds, are amazing and lovely. Whether you plan your wedding in Prague or somewhere else everything depend on you only. However, Czech capital is one of the cities, which has millions of variants how to spend the most important day of your life.

Wedding in Czech Capital: the opportunity only for the rich?

At first sight it may seem, that only well-to-do men can afford a wedding in Prague. However in reality the cost may be the same as in Moscow, Bali or NewYork. Everything depends on means and desires of the couple and their parents. If you don’t walk in a coach after the ceremony of registration or have a banquet in one of the most expensive restaurants, you will spend quite small sum of money.

Wedding photo in Prague on Charles Bridge Wedding photographer in Prague Artur Jakutsevich

Well-to-do man know what do they pay big money for. The service of wedding agencies in Prague differes a lot from those, which is offered in other European countries. It concerns not only organisation of the wedding in a Czech castle or in town hall, banquet in a restaurant or  photo session.  Coordinators,  photographers and event videographers as well as all the managers, that work on the projects  are real professionals. They are keen on work they do.

Wedding photo in Prague castle

As usual couples do not arrive alone. They fly to Prague airport with the relatives and the closest friends who want to support the future newlyweds. After the transfer from the airport to the hotel and a sightseeing tour in Prague, starts the most interesting part. A bride and a bridegroom discover the venues and the schedule, discuss with the wedding cameraman the details of the following day. They always know what they want to get from the work of the wedding photographer.

Get married in a castle

wedding in czech castle

On the other hand, I often work with special couples. At any photo set they do not want to see anyone around, but themselves. They need only their love, that is why they look for such a service. It is extremely interesting to deal with such couples as they always bring amazing stories of their relations.

Prague as well as the whole Czech Republic gives millions of opportunities to turn your wedding day in an event, which you will remember for the rest of your life. It is possible to organize the registration of your marriage in  town hall or in one of the numerous castles of Czech. The atmosphere of Stenberg, Hluboka or Krumlov castles will definitely help you to plunge into the spirit of the Middle Ages. The main goal of mine is not to loose newlyweds among all the beauty. It is easy to shoot couples in front of a picturesque view, but still the main idea is to catch true love in eyes and every touch, tenderness and happiness in the eyes of bride and bridegroom.

To know a couple better, I always talk with them before the event. Usually we communicate via Skype and when the arrive, we meet at a café. There are plenty things to be discussed in advance: the plan of the big day, photo packages and prices. It always helps to avoid any misunderstanding during a wedding in Prague.

In case you have any questions concerning planning or any other service, feel free to contact me and my manager.

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome