Pre-wedding trip to Prague in may: Anna and Anton

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Today I will tell you a story about a very love couple: about Anton and Anna and their May pre-wedding trip to Prague. I came to the conclusion, that May is my favourite month for shootings in this city. Actually, I have a number of locations in Europe that are somehow linked with certain period of the year. For example: Paris is about spring, Amsterdam – about autumn, Barcelona and Rome more about summer. Though it’s only my point of view, if you have any other experiences, feel free to share it with me.

Wedding photography in Prague

But let us come back to my lovely couple: Anna and Anton. These young and beautiful people shared with me not only amazing experiences of their engagement and pre wedding trip to Prague, they also brought real spring: warm and sunny, that every one in Czech capital was waiting after a very long and cold winter.

Engagement in Prague


Destination for their engagement trip was obvious. Several years ago Anna visited Czech Republic and completely fell in love with its capital. A bit later she met Anton and fell in love with him, but her love to sights, attractions and atmosphere of the city remained. Therefore when the time came to make plans for a pre wedding tour, it was Anna who made the final decision. Luckily, they both had vacations in May and could visit our magnetic city in sunny and warm days, that they brought, by the way, from Moscow.

Engagement photography in Prague

My new couple was very enthusiastic while choosing me as a wedding photographer: they were asking many questions, considering a lot of must see places. I would say that such charismatic people do charge me with new energy and inspire for new interesting and unique engagement photos to be taken. What do usually two beloved people do in Prague? Sleep well, walk much and enjoy each other. Eventually, it was the task for Anna and Anton during the photo shooting: to enjoy the city and each other.

Engagement photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Sunny city

The most terrible thing in having a pre wedding trip to Prague in May is that you are not the only person visiting this city. Actually this is the beginning of tourist season in Czech Republic. People from the whole world travel there to enjoy the beauty of  Charles Bridge and other attractions. And there are millions of them. Therefore for me as a wedding photographer it is pretty a task: to find locations and time to make engagement photos that couples excepts me to.

Pre wedding trip to Prague in May

The only solution I have found so far, is the following: we always start shooting very early in the morning. In may it is 5-6 a.m. The city is sleeping. Some people are having party, the others trying to reach hotel or flat wonder around the city. But luckily there are no crowds and huge groups of tourists. Such conditions help me to concentrate on the couple and on the other hand, brides or engaged are not stressed by over-attention of passers-by.

Brides in Prague pre wedding photo

Moreover, lovely gardens which are usually closed in April are already open in May and attract new visitors, but rear tourists knows, that gardens open from early morning till late evening, therefore me and my couples being early birds, do visit this places with no rush, when there are no other people. Let us have a look at several of the locations, that are so attractive and where more and more couples decide to take their engagement and pre wedding photos with me.

Engagement and pre wedding photographer in Prague Artur Jakutsevich

Petrin hill and it’s gardens in May

Petrin Hill is the very first place where I took pre wedding photos in Prague of cute couple Anna and Rene. It was during my first visit to Czech Republic. Guys showed me the beautiful and amazing views over Vltava and New Town. Frankly speaking, I was astonished that day very much, though I had no chance to show my surprise and continued doing my job: taking photos of beloved people.

Prague photographer

What is so special about Petrin Hill? It is high, it’s very pedestrian, there are a lot of spots with views and lovely atmosphere. Actually this is one of the must see places.

Must see Place in Prague photo

There are rocks and a lake in the hill, though it is located over the river-level. Near this lake several years we were touring with Slavomir and Julja, brides from Poland who came Prague to start their honeymoon trip.

Engagement and honeymoon photographer in Prague

At the very top of Petrin Hill stands the exact copy, but of little size, of the Elf Tower. This construction was built in 1889 when a group of Czech enthusiasts inspired by the original tower came back from Paris. So far, it opens one of the most spectacular views.


Climbing from Mala Starna to Petrin Hill we decided not to waste such an opportunity and to drop into Hradcany and Prague Palace area. These two venues always present tourists with amazing views on famous red roofs. And after having a lot of funny pictures Anton and Anna wanted to plunge a bit into romantic atmosphere of spring.

Romantic photo in Prague

For me as a wedding photographer in Prague, it is so important to be on the same wave with my couples, who visit our city in search of something unique in order to have engagement photos, which will remind them about first trips in the future. Therefore every single detail of that day is essential.

Wedding photographer in Prague Artur Jakutsevich

When we reached Prague Palace the sun was already pretty high, the air was fresh and it was finally warm. Just have a look at happy faces of these two youngsters! They came from Russia, where the snow melted several days ago. And in May Prague was already hot!

May in Prague

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Anton and Anna, we spent magnificent time together. Thank you so much that you searched the web before starting your engagement trip to Prague and found me as a photographer. Thank you so much for your emotions and feelings, love and beauty!

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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