Honeymoon in Italy: Ludmila and Dmitrij

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My new couple is Ludmila and Dmitrij, who came to Europe immediately after they got married in Moscow in order to spend some weeks at honeymoon in Italy trip. All in all they planned to sent some two weeks discovering the country and its culture. Luckily Ludmila found me as a photographer in Rome and therefore now I can tell you their wedding trip story. Or even not the whole July story, but just the beginning of it.

Photographer in Rome

Planning the shooting

This honeymoon in Rome we started as usually early in the morning, when the city received the first sun beams. The day before the shooting I met Ludmila and Dmitrij and we had a dinner together to discuss the issues and make the plan of the shooting.

Honeymoon in Rome

They were a bit fussy about the details: cars and people around, since they saw Rome during the day and could understand the pictures they saw at my pages. And of course when I explained to them the whole deal, they were eager to get up as early as possible to get really unique photos from Italy in July.

Italy photo

Morning photography

You see, Italian capital is considered to a magic place and I strongly believe in this. Because every time I go on a shooting: engagement, wedding or honeymoon, the sun and the city directs me and the couple. We always try to follow the beams and the light.

Morning photos in Rome

Together we discover the city and its beauty, enjoy the beginning of the day and of course make pictures.

photographer in Italy


Altare della Patria

In the very heart of Rome there is a huge construction named Altare della Patrian. It impresses with the size and style of architecture. Vittoriano is the second name of the construction.

Vittoriano photo

After a small pause during which we enjoyed the views and observed the first Romans slowly rushing to their morning buses, we moved on and continued our honeymoon photo shooting.

Honeymoon in Rome photo shooting

Rome photographer

Honeymoon photography

Rome photos

 Spanish Steps

Spanish steps

If  you have already been to Rome and saw its main attractions, but not in early morning, you will be pretty surprised at the pictures below. Spanish Steps are absolutely empty with no people at all.

Spanish Steps in Rome photo

Rome panoramic view

Honeymoon in Rome photography

Spanish Steps photo

Romantic Rome

Photographer in Rome

Honeymoon photographer in Italy

The couple was completely astonished at what they saw. Rome only for them two! Let’s dance, baby!


Vila Borghese

Step by step picture by picture we reached on of the beloved areas by all couple travelling to Rome — Villa Borghese. Personally, I also adore this location. It is super comfortable, huge and atmospheric. I like taking photos there and my brides and newlyweds do like to come here as well. The place has strong energy and makes people feel comfortable and enjoy every sight and moment. Just the right ambiance for a beginning of honeymoon in Italy.

Villa Borghese

Wedding photography in Rome

Frankly speaking I don’t really know the exact reason, why Villa Borghese is so attractive, since every couple I work with in Rome and bring to the Villa share with me as a photographer quite new impressions and emotions. Newlyweds are super happy and want to show their happiness. The engaged couples are surprised and notice nothing around, but each other. And the married people going to Italy for a honeymoon are very romantic.

Honeymoon in Italy

Pinea tree photo

Villa Broghese


Honeymoon in Italy

I need to thank Ludmila and Dmitrij for such a great job we did together one morning in July. I hope you liked the first step of the honeymoon in Italy and enjoyed my company. See you soon!

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome