Luxury wedding in Prague: Azat and Tatiana

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My friends, this is a very beautiful post about gorgeous ceremony of Azat and Tatiana held in Czech Republic. This luxury wedding in Prague became real treasure of my professional portfolio and I am extremely happy to share with you the story and the picture.

Bride’s morning

As usually we met with Azat and Tatiana several days before the event in order to discuss the plan and bride’s dreams and preferences. I was surprised at the fact that Tatiana was so easy while discussing the wedding photo shooting. The only her request was to have true to life photos with less poses and more true emotions. That was a piece of cake for me, since capturing moments is my job.

The following day we started the bride’s morning from gorgeous hotel Alchymist. Frankly speaking this is one of the most suitable hotels in Prague for luxury marriages. It has unique and very ancient interiors that can satisfy and fussy person.

Luxury wedding in Prague

So after the bride and groom were ready to go we check all the documents and started the way from the hotel to Vrtbovska Zahrada — the most beautiful garden in all Czech republic. All the brides looking for a destination wedding location in Prague, would dream of booking the date for Vrtba garden. But since it is so popular and on the other hand quite a hidden venue, there are not so many options to find a free date. But we know some secrets. Thus if you are interested, email to me directly to get fresh information. 


The ceremony took place in Vrtba Garden according to all Czech traditions and wedding law. As usually it was a very solemn marriage. There were a lot of warm and touching words from the priest and congratulations from the guests. I did my best to capture every moment of this family birthday in order every guest and of course the brides could have a look from aside at how beautiful and luxurious the wedding in Prague was.

Prague luxury wedding ceremony

Marriage in Vrtba garden of Prague

Photo shooting

After a glass of champagne I took some lovely portraits with the relatives and friends and together with the newlyweds we started our wedding photo shooting around the most attractive locations of the city. Prague is reach for amazing views and picturesque attractions. Newlyweds absolutely relied on me and were pretty reserved but very happy.

wedding photo shooting in Prague

The reason why Azat wanted to get married in Prague was very simple. Several years ago he was traveling around Europe and one of the longest stops on the way was in the capital of Czech Republic. The atmosphere and the beauty of the city so much amazed him, that when he received from Tatiana “Yes” to his questions “Will you?” he had no doubt that the same “Yes” he will get for idea of a destination wedding in Prague.

Luxury wedding photography in Prague

The first pictures we made reflect the atmosphere of the city. To my mind red roofs can be put on the same level with such famous attractions as Charles Bridge or Prague Palace. This fantastic view opens from the top of Vrtbovska Zahrada (Vrtba Garden) and is a real symbol of a luxury destination wedding.

Prague wedding photography

All in all together with the brides I spent almost the full day, trying to depict all the moments of sincere love and true emotions, to highlight the beauty of Tatiana and strong character of Azat. To see all the pictures of this event I invite you to click play in the video below and to plunge into the ambiance of that day.

Wedding photographer in Prague

I would sincerely thank my couple for choosing me as a professional photographer for this luxury wedding in Prague. It was a very interesting project with amazing result. Thank you so much, Azat and Tatiana.

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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