Make-up artist in Rome, Italy – who to choose to get the best look

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I always say that wedding in Italy as well as in any other place of the world is one of the most important thing, the one you can’t replay. Everything is here and now. As I have an experience in this issue and as I want your Big Day be the best one ever, I would like to give you a piece of advice.


My dear brides and grooms, first of all when you are planning a honeymoon or a prewedding photosession, keep in mind hair style and make-up are very important. They do influence on the quality of the photos. So, to be objective I asked Ann Ushakova – professional stylist in Rome to tell how to find a good make-up artist in Italy and in Rome.

«Dear girls! As a professional make-up artist and a hairdresser, I would like to discover some secrets to you, the one that will be useful. Especialy when you decide to held your wedding abroad. Well, at first ask yourself: Do I want to look gorgeous on my wedding day and do not think about my make-up and hair style? Do I want to get great photos? Do I want to get all this or to save money and then to look at the mirrow, to correct my make-up all day long? If you want to look fabulous and to get good photos, let’s start! There are a pair of questions, you need to answer to yourself:

  1. In what colours will be your wedding?
  2. In what style will be your wedding (retro, modern, classic)?
  3. What will be your wedding dress (its style)?
  4. What hairdo do you like?
  5. Do you have allergy to any cosmetics?

If you get answers, it will be easy to find a common language with the make-up artist. And as a result to have the best look!

Anyway, do not forget to look through a portfolio of a professional, read comments and to ask questions in case you have any. Professional make-up artist always suggests you to make a trial mak-up, which helps to find the best one for you.  But if you live in, for example in England, Asia or America and your wedding is in Italy, Skype is the best way out for you. You can explain what you want, see cosmetics of the stylist and understand whether he is confident in what he or she does. All these recommendations will help you to achieve success. Good luck!»

For my part I would like to add, that your state of mind on your wedding day depends on the work of professional stylists and to some extent influence on quality of the photos.

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome