Wedding in Germany: Marina and Bartek

German couples

Brides and grooms often ask me to show full version of a big day photo shootings. They need it to have clear vision of possible result they can expect. Therefore in my pages one can find from at least 20 to 100 photos in each article. I prefer telling stories about my couples and that is why I don’t have a portfolio. From the very beginning of my professional career I got used to presenting any shooting with as many photos as possible. Do you know why? I’m not shy of any project completed. Specially for you together with my assistant Vladimir we made a very long story about a luxury wedding in Germany that was held last August.

German wedding

Two years ago I showed you another project carried out in Germany: the wedding day of Tatiana and Andreas. Today we will visit the same city — Metzingen to meet Marina and Bartek. I collected a big puzzle of emotions, feelings, details and events in one big story. All in all we spent 14 hours together with the brides, they we happy, I was capturing precious moments.

Professional wedding photography

So I think we shall start with the morning of the bride and proceed according to the plan of the day.

Wedding jewellery

Bride’s morning

Since Marina works with cosmetics and plastics her bride’s morning was unlike most I’m used to see. Because usually girls are too excited at this stage and can get really nervous if something goes wrong. But it is really possible to predict such a situation. All you need to do is to book a professional artist and to have a trial make in advance.

Bride's morning

Lovely bride

While Marina was getting some cosmetics on her face, Bartek was running in a gorgeous car. It was an old Mercedes-Benz SL — the best car possible for a German wedding.

German wedding

Catholic ceremony

Finally both bride and groom were ready to enter the Church and to start Catholic wedding ceremony. According to all German traditions they said “Yes” in the face of God and guests.

German wedding in Church

It was a very solemn ceremony with relatives and closest friends present. There were several speeches, poems and songs which made the procedure really touching.

German wedding photographer

After Marina and Bartek got married we decided to have a little ride to neighbouring town. It has lovely German style streets and very nice historical atmosphere.

Wedding photo shooting ideas

I should say that for me it was a nice experience. Everything what I’m used to in Rome was impossible to see in Metzingen and other places we went with brides that day. People, architecture, the way of life differ greatly. Germans are like Rittersport chocolate bar — square, particle and good.

First family pictures

Wedding photographer in Germany

After the photo shooting in typical to town interiors we took our way to the dinner, where the guests were waiting for the brides.

German wedding

Although the 200 people invited for the wedding reception very pretty hungry and eager to see the brides, Marina insisted on another rehearsal of the first dance that they were going to perform. To tell the truth it was a masterpiece. I can’t imagine how much time they spent on learning it. Guest were really impressed as well as we were.

First wedding dance

German wedding traditions

Champagne and good mood were the two hands of this event. The wedding was accelerating: guests were laughing, talking and having fun. Lots of warm and touching words were uttered, lots of food served and beverages open. For me it was really easy and interesting to work as a German wedding photographer at such a well-planned event. By the way, the 200 guest present at the dinner came to Germany from 10 different countries. But there was no language barrier, because everyone could understand each other perfectly well. The unitive language of love helped them.

Guests at wedding

An interesting fact about wedding planning in Germany. There are not so many luxury restaurants able to fit such a big wedding, therefore Bartek started his hunt for the dates two years before the date. To tell the truth one can face the same situation in any other country. Therefore my strong recommendation for the brides: do not postpone the issues you can’t control: good restaurants, professional photographers and videographers get booked several months and years in advance.

Restaurant for wedding in Germany

Wedding planning

The biggest surprise for the guests were the chocolate brazil girls from Stuttgart. They came to congratulate the newlyweds on the occasion and of course to warm up the guests. That was a cool and energetic performance that made everyone dance.

Brazil performance Stuttgart

More over they helped the brides to increase the family budget.


While the guest were parting hard, I took Marina and Bartek for another set of romantic wedding photos. For me this is a very important part of any big day, because the newlyweds get relaxed from the morning stress and they look lovely. But there is a tricky thing, because they still are not sure to understand what happened that day.

Wedding photo shooting ideas

I should thank the brides for the program. It was interesting and well-planed. Either older people and young were involved and participated actively.

Wedding program

We ended that German wedding after midnight. I was exhausted, but happy. It is one of my favourite mixture of emotions.

German wedding

Full day overview

Below, please find the report and more photos from the German wedding of Marina Bartek.

Ideas for bride's morning photo

Wedding rings

Brides in Church














































Thank you Marina and Bartek for choosing me as a photographer for your luxury wedding in Germany. It was a very hot but a very fruitful August day we spent together. Let’s plan you trip to Italy one day to celebrate wedding anniversary?

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome