Breaking bad wedding: Kate, Kirill and their crazy friends

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Brest is my home-town, therefore it’s always a pleasure for me to come to work there. One more time I got convinced, that actual destination where the wedding takes place doesn’t matter at all. These are only people who make the event,  only brides, friends and relatives can rock and roll the big day. Kate and Kirill did it! It was one of the most unbelievably crazy and romantic marriage I worked at. The day was full of emotions and I captured lots of unique moments.


Since any wedding in Belarus that takes place in June usually is held outdoor, Kirill and Kate had lots of ideas. The other side of the coin was the reflection of crazy friends. The latter were ready to go mad and to make the event unique!

Crazy wedding

Tasks for the groom and his friends

Wedding photographer in Belarus

Summer wedding ideas

Crazy wedding ideas

Kirill and his groom’s team.

Groom's team

Wedding photography

Crazy bride and groom

Break dance at the wedding

The first dance of bride and groom

So, as you see I didn’t comment much about this marriage. To feel the atmosphere you should have been there. I only did my best to reflect the most unique moments of sincere love between Kate and Kirill. Though it was really a crazy wedding day, may be the most unpredictable in my professional career so far, I managed to concentrate and follow the ideas, spirit and the atmosphere. Have a look at the slide-show narrating in pictures about the event and its participants.

I would like to thank Kirill and Kate, their parent and friends for being sincere and happy!

Yours, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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