Night photo shooting in Rome: Irina and Grigorij

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This is the second part of the story about Irina and Grigorij and their honeymoon trip to Rome. After the morning session we decided to have some time to relax and to meet in the evening in order to discover one of my beloved areas in Italian capital — Trastevere. So when the Sun was dawn we started night photo shooting in Rome.

Night photo shooting in Rome

Of course there are lots of tourist in Trastevere, but one should take turns in order to find a hidden street or just to be alone. We managed to escape from crowds in order to make some romantic night photos in Rome.

Night Rome photos

It is so cool that more and more couples share my personal passion towards Trastevere. Recently I have had shooting with brides and newlyweds from different parts of the world. And all of them are very satisfied to have chosen both morning and evening photo shooting with me. So as you can see Trastevere is attractive the whole year round and you may have you dreams come true together with me as your  Italian photographer based in Rome.

Photographer in Rome

Night views in Rome Irina and Grigorij came to Rome from Vladivistok. For you to understand the distance they had to cover, look at the map of Europe, find Italian shoe and go to the very east of the map, where Japan is. Just round there in Russia find Vladivostok. Google tells me if you go by car, you spent about 150 hours driving.


Since the day was pretty hot, my new friends didn’t want to eat anything. But in the evening everyone was starving. Me either. And of course we could not resist the smells coming from numerous restaurants in Trastevere that are open in the evening and at night only. But the plan was to finish the shooting and to share the dinner after. Therefore we continued taking photos.

In case you are searching for unique hand made souvenirs in Rome, the best area for this is right here. Lots of variant are presented by local artists.

Souvenirs in Rome

Such a fork won’t let you eat properly, but it can serve as a fantastic present and good alternative to magnets that tourists usually carry from Rome to their friends and relative.


When Irina felt a bit tired we decided to wind up and to move to a restaurant in Trastevere in order to have a proper Italian dinner after the night photo shooting.

Photography at night in Rome
Thank you very much for choosing me as you Italian photographer. It was big honour for me to a part of your honeymoon trip. Both morning and night photo shootings in Rome were amazing and I’m really satisfied and inspired with the results. Keep in touch!

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome