Pre wedding photo shooting in Venice: Carson and Agnes

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There are a lot of information about the city and its incredible atmosphere, but to feel it one should go there. Believe me, it is too hard to describe Venice in words. Numerous channels, narrow middle-aged streets, thousands of tourists around and of course unique means of transport — gondolas, all these makes the place so attractive.

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So, if you are in search for inspiration and motivation in order to start your trip to Venice, I suggest your careful reading of this article with photos from a pre-wedding photo shooting with my new Canadian friends. Together we did three Italian cities (Rome, Florence and Venice) and also Prague in Czech Republic. So it was quite an impressive project.

Here is the list of shootings with Carson and Agnes in March-April 2015 in Italy and Czech Republic:

  • Morning photo shooting in Rome;
  • Night photo shooting in Rome;
  • Morning photo shooting in Florence;
  • Morning photo shooting in Prague;

Hotel on the bank of Grand Canal

While planning this project we did a big research in order to find the most luxurious and attractive hotels for Agnes and Carson. In Venice they booked Luna Hotel Baglioni — hotel with perfect location and amazing suits. It is just round the corner from Piazza San Marco, which is considered to be the very heart of the city. All these pros gave us a chance to start our pre wedding shooting with first sun beams.

Photo shooting in Venice

If you are looking for a place to stay at your romantic trip, find our recommendations about hotels:

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Piazza San Marco

If you are an experienced traveller and have already been to Piazza San Marco in Venice, you can understand and, I even think, get extremely surprised looking at the photos below. To those who only thinks of going to Italy and Venice I will explain. Every day thousands of tourists flood the Square San Marco and it is simply impossible to make such a photo. The only time when it looks like this is early morning.

Pre wedding in Venice

This is how true Venice looks like!

Venice photography

Make a note: the best time to start a photo shooting in April is 7 a.m. In summer we normally start at 6 a.m. So before the normal tourists wake up and leave the hotels we have 2-3 hours.

Venice photographer

Venice photo

Pre wedding photography

Romantic photo in Venice

When during preparations for the project we were discussing the issues, Agnes and Carson asked me the crowds in the most popular attractions. That was their biggest concern about the shooting: they wanted to have the cities looking romantic, but not overcrowded. So the option of early birds sounded like a plan for them. And as a result we had no one to disturb us while taking photos in Venice.

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Ideas for pre-wedding photos

Gran Canal in Venice

Gondola Rides

It would have been the biggest failure to be in Venice with Italian photographer on a pre-wedding trip and not to take the opportunity to make a gondola ride. This is just the same as to go to Paris without seeing Eiffel Tower.

Gondola ride in Venice

Bridges in Venice

The price for gondola rides in Venice is 160 Euros for an hour and 80 Euros for 30 minutes.

Gondola romantic photo

Photographer in Venice

Pre wedding in Italy

I will confess that every time when I receive a booking to a wedding photographer in Venice, I experience emotional explosion. End it happens despite my huge travel experience around not only Italy, but other countries of the World.

Photo shooting in Venice

Photo Venice

Professional wedding photographer in Venice

My dear, Karson and Agnes, thank you for the time spent together. For me it was incredible experience of planning a four-city-photo-shooting, communicating with you and of course the biggest pleasure was to see and to capture your sincere love. I hope you liked the photo shooting in Venice, our sleepless mornings and tasty evening. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome