Engagement Photography in Paris: Alvin and Tong Tong

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Let me introduce a sweet couple from Singapore — Alvin and Tong Tong. Their engagement in Paris I was shooting in May. The decision to come to Europe was based on common desire to travel before the big day and to create in photos a romantic story of love. 

Engagement in Paris

Tong Tong and Alvin

During the time spent together I learnt some facts about Asian culture and their traditions and shared with the brides my experience of European society. More over as a luxury wedding photographer I managed to improve my professional skills and enrich the portfolio of my studio. Tong Tong convinced me one more time, that there is nothing impossible in the world, since she brought to Paris 3 amazing wedding gowns and evening dresses and did change them during the engagement photo session in the very heart of the city.

Engagement photos

Euro pre-wedding trip

But let me speak in details about everything happened. Tong Tong and Alvin planned a pre-wedding Euro trip. They marked Zurich, Paris, Prague and Vienna as ‘must see’ cities. After Switzerland and it’s capital we met with the brides in Paris.

Wedding photographer in France

The plan of our engagement photo set in Paris was as simple as that. We got up early in the morning. Early means very early — at 5 a.m., because we realised that if we don’t want have shoots overcrowded with tourists, it’s better to have an early rise. I know that many of human beings and I’m not an exception, like to sleep even more than ice-cream. And such a task as to have an early rise was not the brightest idea at all, but we did it and were really happy in the end: the brides enjoyed the morning city and its sights and I managed to catch extremely romantic moments.

Pre wedding photography
So that very warm spring morning we began our tour around Paris sights and streets. The first place to go was Montmartre with a hill of 130 meters high. By the way, from this highest place in the city opens picturesque view on the capital of France. Montmartre in photos and in reality is very calm and romantic until thousands of tourists leave the hotels and start exploring. And if are you strong enough, as Tong Tong and Alvin, to wake up early, you will feel this special morning ambiance of Paris. How it differs from the day atmosphere? Only few people start their working day so early. For example, bakers opening first bistros with coffee and croissants are among early risers. They gave us an opportunity to have delicious engagement breakfast.

Paris wedding photography

Park Monceau

After mountain tour we rolled down the hill and took metro. The following venue was one of the most beautiful parks of the city — Park Monceau. It’s situated not far from the city centre. The park is lined with roads for walking, jogging and any other activity. Parisians and tourists come there to have a rest and enjoy the calm atmosphere. Alvin and Tong Tong even took some notes in order to forward the name of that place to their friends, so impressed they were.

Pre wedding photo in Paris

What I like most of all about taking engagement photos in morning Paris is the light. It’s amazingly soft and a bit foggy. Thus it gave me, wedding photographer to take beautiful pictures in Parc Monceau. The place is open daily and is located close to Charles de Gol square with famous Triumphal Arch. If you are interested in finding this place simply follow the map of the city or use your gadget with an electronic map or email me.

Engagement in Paris

Engagement by the Elf Tower

Engagement in Paris is not complete without Elf Tower climb. This is the most popular and easy recognisable place of interest in Paris, that symbolises not only the capital, but the whole country as well. Therefore in our must see in list the Tower was marked as essential and even obligatory spot. But our plan was to take photos in front of it. Thus we had to walk not towards, but backwards. This way we had an amazing view and great composition for engagement photos in a wedding dress in front of the Elf Tower.

Romantic places of Paris

At the begging of Champ de Mars we came across a very interesting installation. On several glass walls are written the three strongest words in the world. Because of these three words wars were burned up as well as finished. When two people utter these three words they start a new common life. “I love you” phrase is written there on many different languages. It was hard to count the exact number, but frankly speaking we didn’t try.

Engagement trip to Paris
Champ de Mars was free of people. There one can walk, enjoy the beauty of the Elf Tower and get inspired by the magnetic atmosphere that attracts people from all over the world.

Pre wedding photos in Paris

Vertical Gardens in Paris

The next phot stop we had near Quai Branly. There one can find modern place of interest created by the famous designer Patrik Blanc. He is the first person who created vertical gardens and implemented this technique in all over the world. It’s hard to imagine, but the normal lawn is on the wall of a building. You may read about other projects of this talented artist ion his personal web site. Mary and Alvin are sophisticated travellers, but even they got amazed when they saw such a thing for the first time. True feelings of what they experienced are visible in these engagement and pre-wedding photos from Paris.

Engagement in Paris
Actually, it was the end of the first part. We went to sleep after the morning engagement photo session in Paris in order to discover new places in the evening. May is a fantastic months for a pre-wedding trip to Europe!