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There are a lot of reasons why people search for a photographer. Someone wants to have a surprising engagement, the other would like to have their wedding being reported and pictured. But there are also people who book a professional photographer just for fun! They go for a trip and look for a person to show the city and to make romantic or funny pictures. Among such people are Olga and Daniel, who came to Italy for a tour and decided to bring back home not only souvenirs, but also professional Love story photography.

Rome photography

If such a shooting is organised for a couple, I call it a Love Story, because the story of relations can and should last forever either before the wedding or after.

Love story

Olga and Daniel were lucky to come to Rome in April, since this is the month when the weather is pretty warm, but not too hot. And there are not so many tourists in the streets as in summer. Though, to be on the safe side we fixed the meeting on early morning and started the love story photo shooting with the sun rise. By the way Olga got her inspiration from my story about Siobhan and Michael and their engagement in Rome.

Engagement in Rome photo

The day before the shooting we met with Olga and Daniel in Trastevere in order to have dinner and to discuss the plan for the shooting. I told them some facts and a story about Italian cuisine and recommended interesting place to visit in Italy. In their turn, my new friends explained to me, how they would like to have the shooting to be carried out. Everything was pretty clear: to see interesting places with views and beautiful architecture, to make lively photos without posing and faking love.

Profissional photo shooting in Italy

That was real music to my ears. You know why? Just because these words let me understand that the couple fully trusts me and together we can make something really interesting and creative.

Romantic Rome photography

Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome photo

Since we started the shooting early in the morning we could choose any touristic place. I suggested meeting on the bridge that leads from the Jewish quarters to Castel Sant’Angelo. This bridge is always overcrowded during the day, because in one side it opens a perfect view on the castle, but if you look a bit to the left, you will see huge and the tallest building of Rome — St. Peter’s basilica. Therefore the pictures taken in this area always look very impressive and can tell a story.

Castel Sant’Angelo Rome

During the photo shooting I make my couples feel the atmosphere of the city. I ask them to touch, to look and of course to enter every open door. This advice can help you to discover not only Rome, but other cities as well.

Church in Trastevere


Stop being just a tourist be an explorer.


Olga is my subscriber in Instagram and she knew perfectly well how much I love the city and photography. She was aware of the fact that we will walk a lot, because at the shooting I never plan certain places or poses for couples, but create a true story of love. We choose the starting point and an approximate finish. That helps me to find something new for every photo session in Rome.

Family portrait


Speaking about Trastevere I should strongly encourage you to visit this area, because this is a must see place. Have a look at the examples from the shootings for Japan couples or for American families in my portfolio to see the ambiance of the place.


There are restaurants, musicians, streets artist and sights. One of the attractions that are located not far from Trastevere is the Isola Tiberina.

Photo Trastevere

That day we started very early, and as people say, early bird catches the worm. At the end of this Love Story in Rome we were rewarded by amazing photos taken at a very interesting place. You know, that one of the most popular attractions in Rome is Coliseum. Millions of people come to Italy and have in to do list a picture with this huge theatre.

Teatro di Marcello

But very seldom tourists read historical books, where authors reveal the secrets and tell interesting stories about the past. Remember that Coliseum used to be not the only, but one of the arenas. At one moment it could place according to different sources from 40 to 80 thousands of spectators. Quite impressive. But there is another big ancient theatre located not far from Piazza Venecia. It is called Teatro di Marcello. This construction had 17 000 seats. Be sure that it is also a worth place to visit.

Ancient theatre

This way discovering new attractions we were wondering with Olga and Daniel collecting pictures for their Love story in Rome. As Olga told me afterwards, she is sure, that this photo shooting is going to be the first chapter of a big book that we are going to create together. And this is the best estimation for any professional photographer.

Love Story in Rome

Spanish Steps

The finish line we crossed at Spanish Step, which was already flooded with people. By the way, this place became an indispensable part of my work, since the shooting for Daphna and Garry, that I had several years ago. That was an incredible honeymoon project that gave me an impulse to work harder.

Photo at Spanish steps

St Peter's Rome


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What concerns Olga and Daniel, we had a final photo taken with me and went to have a rest! Thank you so much, friends, for this incredible morning and for letting me tell the first chapter of your Love story in professional photos from Rome.
Sincerely yours,
Artur Jakutsevich

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

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