Pre-wedding in Paris: photos of Alvin and Tong Tong

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The following part of pre-wedding photo shooting in Paris for Alvin and Tong-Tong we started with another popular place in French capital — Louvre museum. Wedding gown was changed for a casual dress and quite romantic morning mood we replaced with something really positive and happy.

Pre wedding photos in Paris and France

The territory of the Louvre Museum is surrounded with lovely gardens and decorated with beautiful statues. Everything but the main entrance breathes with history. The latter is actually a glass pyramid. It was created only at the end of the 20th century. Someone considers the entrance and Louvre itself not correlating in the style. To my mind, it looks great.

Wedding photographer in Paris Artur Jakutsevich
While planning the engagement in Paris with Mary and Alvin we tried to stick to two basic principles. The first — morning and evening pre-wedding photo sessions are the best variant to get lovely, atmospheric pictures in May. This is a must to know for any professional wedding photographer working in France or any other part of the world. The second idea was to wait until Louvre is closed and tourists start leaving the area. If the first principle worked out, the second one didn’t. People felt the warm spring of May weather and simply were sitting on the benches enjoying that calm and picturesque evening.

Engagement photography in Paris

There was nothing to do, but to look for another place for two beloved and me, a professional wedding photographer in Paris. Actually it was not as complicated as we thought at first. On the other side of Louvre museum we found a calm garden with less people where Alvin and Tong Tong could enjoy the views. For me it was a gorgeous place to take beautiful engagement photos.

Wedding photographer in Paris Artur Jakutsevich
Sometimes when I was taking engagement photos of my sweet couple from Singapore, I thought they forgot about me: so true and sincere their feelings were. They enjoyed every element of the city: touched the green cover of the bushes and trees, warmed the benches and greeted Eiffel Tower that was visible even for that pretty distant garden.

Professional wedding and engagement photography in Paris and France

I would like to share with you one of my secrets, that helps me to take engagement picture like that. No patterns! No poses! Only true love.

Wedding photographer in France Artur Jakutsevich
If you follow this rule, the ideas and composition of each picture come to your mind easy. But it doesn’t mean that photo set in Paris before the wedding in Singapore was something spontaneous. Timing was strict enough, since there were too many venues that we wanted to visit.

Pre wedding photo in Paris

The day target was to get beautiful, lovely and true to life pre wedding photos from Paris.

Pre wedding photographer in Paris and France Artur Jakutsevich
As far as I know we were a success. Basically, there was no chance to fail. Mary and Alvin are very cute and very my clients. It means that they fully trusted their photographer in Paris and did what they wanted never asking how to stay of where to look.

Pre wedding and engagement photography in Paris and France

We had really great time together: long walks, cups of coffee and tons of jokes. At the dinner we were already planning our trip from Paris to Prague, scheduling and choosing the place of interest in Czech capital.

Luxury wedding photographer in Paris Artur Jakutsevich

As a result of engagement in Paris and pre wedding photo set in Prague with Tong Tong and Alvin I compiled best pictures in a slide-show. Enjoy.

By the way, my good friend and colleague from Mongooses.TV Alexander Znaharchuk event videographer, filmed a pre wedding video in Prague for Alvin and Mary. Have a look!

Destination wedding photographer in Paris and Prague

If you plan an engagement Euro trip and among the cities of your destination is Paris, feel free to contact me to check the date and to invite with you.