Photoshoot in Paris: La Defense — my Jane is a fashion model

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August 2013 was a very hot month. I would even call it a wedding marathon. Within 2 weeks I visited 3 different european countries and finally landed in France to carry our a professional photo shooting in Paris. My model was the most beautiful and my beloved lady.

Professional photo shooting in Paris

Actual purpose of my trip to Paris was a honeymoon trip for Lada and Vlad. And of course when I came to the city of all lovers not alone, but with my beloved lady, I could not miss such an opportunity to picture her in amazing interiors of the city.

Paris photographer

When the work was partially done, I mean when the photo session with the newlyweds from Russia was over, I moved with Jane to La Defense — the biggest in Europe business area. Every day 150 000 office workers come here to start another day in front of computers.

La Grande Arche de la Fraternité

Another significant and very interesting attraction of La Defense area is La Grande Arche de la Fraternité — modern variant of the Triumph Arch. How gorgeous and fantastic it looks!

La Defense photoshoot in Paris

Since I have some experience in shooting weddings and engagements in Paris, I could predict the motion of the Sun and choose the best route for our photo session with Jane.

La Defense Paris fashion 2014

By chance I saw a very interesting composition made of glass. The reflections, and the contrastive lights made me choose black and white variant of pictures while editing to highlight the shapes and geometry of every photo.

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

When we started to take photos some passersby stopped behind Jane and posed as well. The funny thing is, that she didn’t see it and continued working. Only after I told here to look behind, Jane saw her first fan and laughed.

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

Photo shoot in Paris La Defense

Of course fashion photo shooting in Paris is a very common and popular, though this one at least for us two was a very special.

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

Self-portrait: gorgeous Jane and her beloved Paris photographer.

Photo shooting in Paris

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

Photoshoot in Paris La Defense

Photos of Paris France La Defense

Shooting photo in Paris La Defense

Street fashion in Paris La Defense

Street fashion Paris 2014

Summer fashion photoshoot in Paris La Defense

If you got inspired for a personal photo shooting in Paris, check the date and let me know about your ideas!