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Agnes and Carson were very happy to see one of the most popular cities in Italy in April. This pre wedding or better to say engagement trip to Florence would give a perfect start for their future family life. They brought from Canada several suits and dresses in order to make photos with different looks. So I would start my narration and traditionally I will not only reveal secrets about the photo shooting, but also will share experiences and give my recommendations.

Romantic hotels in Florence

Florence is a well-structured city for tourists, since most of the attractions are situated in the centre just around the corner. Therefore we decided to book the following hotel in Florence: C-Hotels Diplomat. Another reason to choose this particular place was its close location to the railway station. Not as if we are keen on trains, but the following day we had to move to Venice, so the closer the better. I sincerely recommend you to book this hotel.

Morning photo shooting

The best time to discover the city of Michelangelo and Medici is early morning. In April it is 7 a.m. The light is soft, streets with no tourists and the whole city is just for us.
Wedding photographer in Florence

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Piazza della Signoria

Romantic atmosphere and fantastic ambiance of Florence was our reward for the early rise we had that day. Agnes was getting ready from 6 a.m. I got up also at that time to check and pack the equipment. The very first photo of that day we made at Signoria Square (Piazza della Signoria).

Piazza della Signoria Florence

Photo in Florence

On the pages of ARTURJAKUTSEVICH.COM we always share our impressions of the architecture and interesting place in different parts of the world, where we have wedding or any other shootings. And you may know, that Rome is one of my beloved cities. But Florence to my mind is not worth and in some moments is even better that Rome.

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The second place of interest in Florence where Agnes and Carson wanted to get to during the photo shooting, was the bridge Ponte Vecchio. When you see the construction for the first time, it may seem, that it is not actually a bridge, but a house across the river.

Ponte Vecchio

Wedding photographer in Florence

That morning we also had some adventures. I think that any wedding photographer in Florence knows, how hard it is to make photos of the most popular bridge in the city at day light, so that there are no people around you. We had a joker in the pocket – early morning, but even at this time locals are already on their way to work. But despite the rush, Italians will never interfere a wedding photographer to make a photo of bride and groom. Since Agnes and Carson were dressed in gown and suit, all passers-by were congratulating the couple with traditional “Aguri!”

Florence photography

And even a police car stopped in the bridge and switched the serene in order to stop all other cars, so that I could make these beautiful pictures. Even I, photographer with experience, was extremely surprised at such aid. Try to imagine the reaction of Agnes and Carson.

Pre wedding trip to Florence Italy

Photo shooting


Canada is a very prosperous country, dream land for those who is searching for a well-planned life. There are lots of pros in Canada, but unfortunately there are no old architecture, since the history of Northern America can’t be compared with Italian history, during which the style of architecture was being constantly developed. Therefore it was so important for my new friends to have their engagement photos taken in most attractive places. I was totally surprised with enthusiasm they had – bride and groom were ready to walk all day long, such big was their inspiration.

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On that beautiful moment we finished this part of Florence pre wedding photo shooting in order to continue engagement trip to another Italian city with fantastic opportunities for wedding photography – Venice.

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