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Julia and Roman got married in Italy. It was the start of their holidays in Rome. The ceremony took place at Amalfi coast near the biggest and most famous pizzeria in the world — Naples. I have an interesting photo shooting from the city. Unfortunately due to my busy schedule on the one hand and a bit late planning of the brides on the other, I could not present at the ceremony. Therefore we decided to have a wedding photo shooting in Rome.

Rome photography

It was in June. And June is a very hot month especially in Rome. Therefore we decided to start the shooting from the second part of the day, when the sun is not so high to burn us out. Basically, we were very lucky with the weather, since several days before we met with Julia and her husband, it was pouring with rain, thus the heat was not at its utmost.

Wedding photography in Italy and Rome

After our Skype chat with the brides I recommended them a comfortable hotel to stay in the very heart of Italian capital. Quite many couples that book me as photographer in Rome choose this place among the rest. Check it out, may be you will like it as well.

Castel Sant’Angelo

We met with the couple at the bridge near Castel Sant’Angelo. I do love this place very much, because it is space and opens fantastic views over the Castle and Vatican. So after some minutes of planning we started taking photos in Rome.

Photos in Rome

At any shooting I’m in a search of something new. This gives me a chance to find something new: new places, new light, new emotions of the brides. That day we were also looking for a special thing, because the wedding in Italy is a very special occasion.

Rome photography

Wedding in Italy

And finally we got our piece of cake. Just near the Piazza Navona we found it!

Rome photographer

The light was unique and my couple was happy. I was simply doing my job: capturing sweet moments. This is the best example of Rome wedding photography.

Rome wedding photography

After such a lovely sunny dancing on high heels Julia needed a rest. At this part of the day it is pretty hard to find a vacant seat on a bench in the city centre, therefore Julia and Roman sat on two motorbikes parked just near us. This is typically Italian transport. I should say even the best one, but the most dangerous. Therefore I prefer having Vespa bikes only for shooting as we did with James and his wife during their honeymoon trip, but not to ride them in Rome.

Vespa in Rome

The plan of the wedding photo shooing in Rome was discussed the day before, but generally my couple as it usually happens were not against any new options that the city opened in front of us. Moreover I was not alone. That day my colleague and assistant Vladimir was helping me. Therefore together with our four heads we developed ideas and turned them into reality. By the way, Vladimir is the person who is responsible for wedding and photo shooting planning. Thus he is the one to speak to you first and to answer all your questions.



Before the first coffee break we witnessed how a bike was stolen. Funny, isn’t it.

Rome wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich


Finally we reached a check point with ice-cream. Are there any professionals in Gelato theme able to guess the tastes we had? Julia had chocolate and …? Roman had quite a hard to guess mix. But you should try. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Best ice-cream in Rome

So step by step from day Rome we entered night Rome. Lights were on, tourists and locals flooded the streets. Everyone was recovering from the heat. Restaurants were open and attracted people to have a sit for a dinner.

Night Rome photo


Wedding photography in Rome

Photo shooting in Rome

Wedding photography in Italy

It was quite a task for us to resist the desire to eat, because Trastevere is a very delicious area. But the first place of our agenda was the photography in Rome and only after — Italian dinner. Though we stopped for a coffee and vine in a cosy place hidden somewhere in the middle of the streets. And that was quite a good pause, because right after it, were met a very charismatic Italian granny.

Rome photography

Please look at these pictures very carefully. The lady in the white car was so persistent in her parking that she didn’t pay any attention to the cars parked nearby. She hit the pedal to accelerate the car smashing and scratching the two cars to the left and to the right. It was absolutely fantastic parking. The final dot was a gulp of whiskey from a bottle while sitting in her car. And I can fully understand her, since parking in Rome is terrible.

Parking in Rome

By the way parking is forbidden in this area. But this is Italy and this is Rome. You never know.

Italian parking

Night life was getting more and more active and interesting. And we were invited to play a game. For me as an experienced photographer in Rome such a situation was quite surprising.


Trastevere at night

Italian students were making a project where Roman and Julia were involved. They had to play a game turing upside-down the pictures to find a pair.

Night life in Rome

Roman was quite good in solving this quest, taking into consideration that his italian is as pure, as of any tourists coming to Rome for some days. Of course we did a group photo to commemorate the moment.

Lovely bride

Julia was so much impressed by the Castel Sant’Angelo, that we decided to finish our shooting with some night views of it.

Castel Sant’Angelo photo

And some Vatican night views.

Vatican night photo Wedding photographer in Rome Italy photo Vatican wedding

Julia and Roman, thank you very much for your beauty and feelings. This day will a good example of professional wedding photography in Rome. It was my pleasure to take these photos for you.
Artur and Vladimir
Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome