Honeymoon in Paris: Vlad and Lada

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It is not a secret that Paris is the most romantic city in the World. That’s why photo session of sweethearts in this city is an extremely interesting and inspiring happening for me. I like to shoot engagements, weddings and of course honeymoons in Paris.

Photographer in Paris

Paris — one love

I visited Paris a few years ago for the first time and noticed numerous couples kissing everywhere. Maybe it was because of May and spring? I don’t really know. But the air was totally breathing with romantics.

Visiting Paris

Lovely couples were kissing and hugging in the metro, sitting on the benches they expressed their feelings freely. At that moment I had poor experience as a photographer-traveler, but now, after 5 years, having visited many places in the world, I can say for sure that Paris streets and parks are awesome, they are fool of love and tenderness.

Honeymoon in Paris

Thousands of sweethearts from all over the globe know Paris as a capital of Love! Our couple Vlad and Lada are not an exception that is why they chose the city for their honeymoon trip and of course they found me as a professional photographer in France to have a photo shooting.

Professional photographer in Paris

Their wedding ceremony was held in Krasnodar, Russia. After the celebrations the newlyweds took a plane and flew directly to Europe. That was the beginning of their trip.

Wedding ceremony in Paris

I know that not only newlyweds and those who are engaged but professional wedding photographers do read my articles that is why I would like to share practical information, which will be useful for everyone.

Photo session

Paris wedding photo shoot

Let’s discus all peculiarities of a honeymoon in Paris photo shooting. It’s very important thing as there are too many interesting places and unfortunately it is unreal to visit them on a day, especially when someone is wearing a wedding dresses.

Time of shooting — is the first and the most important thing

Elf Tower photo

 If you do not want to be tired and exhausted and want to take unique pics, do not held your photo session from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Dear brides and grooms, if your photographer says that it doesn’t necessary to start your photo set at dawn, it seems he is either a sleepyhead or a bummer.

Wedding in Paris

  • If you want to look at the upside already familiar places, just get up early in the morning and start your walk. Deserted Eiffel Tower and Louvre will be a real surprise and give unforgettable feeling that all Paris is for you only. The best time to make shoots in mild and red light is from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m.
  • If you want to get unreal romantic photos, choose an evening photo session. Professional photographers call this time “secure” – 1,5 hour before the sunset. Cold blue colour of the sky, romantic atmosphere are available from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in August.

Paris photo

For sure some readers will not agree that it is impossible to make a honeymoon photo session at day time in Paris or somewhere else. Of course it is possible if necessary. Everything depends on your aim as well as you experience and professionalism.

Wedding photography in Paris

Our day was planed the in advance together with Vlad and Lada. I do always meet with my clients before we start working. To make sensuous and emotional photos, I have to get to know the guys.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the first thing associated with Paris, which is the most popular sight of French capital. It was built 113 years ago for the World exhibition in Paris 1990. Today the Tower is the most recognizable architectural building in the World. You either like it or not, there is no in-between. As for me, I do love the Eiffel Tower and always recall my first acquaintance with it. I admire this construction and can say it is real love till the rest of my life.

Elf Twer in Paris photo

I saw the Eiffel Tower accidently, walking along Benjamin Franklin Str. (Rue Benjamin Franklin) I turned to the right and noticed the beauty on the Champ de Mars. I always recall those minutes with a smile on my face. There were plenty of people: someone were taking photos, others were enjoying the sightseeing.  It seemed time stucked.

Paris city of love photo

At that time I couldn’t even imagine that I would come to Paris several times a year to shoot sweethearts, who came to the French capital from different corners of the World. Lada and Vlad were the first who came to the sightseeing platform on that day. It was their day and their Paris.

Sightseeing spot at Tokadero

The most popular place means the one from which the most pictures are taken. Those who were in such touristic cities as Prague, Rome or Barcelona, know that it is really hard to find at least square meter to take a photo of a sight.

Place to see in Paris

So, the only solution is to start the honey moon photo session in Paris early in the morning. Only then you will get really unique photos. But before going to some other city or country, you may test this statement it your hometown. Have you ever seen it at 6 a.m. not when you are in rush to work or living the club?

Photo under the Tower

Photo session in Paris

The Tower is a real magnet and soon we appeared at the bottom of it. Those who have visited the city can hardly image it without bothering African-Americans and thousands of gapers at this place. That day I hardly saw tourists there. At such moment it seems there are two different worlds, and I do not live in one, where is the majority.

Vertical Gardens Quai Branly

Imagine the world where everything is turned on 90 degrees : horisontal became vertical and vice versa. French architector Patrik Blan maneged to do this. His vertical gardes are just on the walls of the buildings. You are looking at them and your mind boggles.

Vertiacal gardens in Paris Quai Branly

The gardens are close to the Quai Branly near the museum. We couldn’t pass them by and of course made some lovely photos from Paris with love.

Must see in Paris

Alexander III Bridge

We walked along Seine and appeared on one of the most fabulous bridges in the world. 160- meter long bridge of Alexander III (Pont Alexandre III), which is between Les Invalides and Champs Elysees.

Honeymoon in Paris

In 1896, 117 years ago, the first stone was built up by Imperator Nicolay II as a prove of Russian-French friendship and named after his father. The bridge was opened in 1900 as well as the Eiffel Tower.

Alexander bridge in Paris

The bridge passes into Winston Churchill Boulevard where one can find Le Petit Palais, which was built in the same style.

Sudden friends

It doesn’t matter where I shoot a wedding, but everywhere Asians help me to take gorgeous photos. As the main sights for them are brides and grooms, whether it is wedding in Rome or engagement in Prague, they always give us smiles and ask to make a photo with the couple. So we made some really funny pictures.

Funny wedding photos in Paris

This photo shooting wasn’t an exception. We were at Pl. de la Concorde, and didn’t notice a dozen of tourists, smiling and taking photos of our couple.

Photo session in Paris

May be it was all because of Obelisque de Luxor – magic place on the main axis of Paris. The Needle of Cleopatra is its second name. The guys were posing with pleasure.

Obelisque de Luxor photo

To say honestly, while Lada was the focus of attention, Vlad was sitting alone on the Fontaine des Fleuves. Just few minutes later we continued our tour.

Fontaine des Fleuves in Paris

Louvre Museum

Most of you know that there is one of the most and expensive pictures of Leonardo  “Mona Lisa”. But, to my mind, modern entrance of the museum deserves special  attention, as it is built in the form of a pyramid. Now this pyramid is a modern symbol of France.

Louvre in Paris

I do like it, despite it doesn’t match the interior of the Louvre.

Photographer in Paris Artur Jakutsevich

For the umpteenth time I have forgotten to take a pedometer to count the distance, which we were walking with couple. It means that I have to come to French capital again and again, because people will never stop having honeymoons and wedding in Paris.

Honeymoon in Paris photography

Paris honeymoon pictures

  Louvre pyramid photo   Brides in Paris

  Wedding photography in Paris

That was Paris in August, 2013. Many thanks to Vlad and Lada for an amazing honeymoon photo shooting and your true love! Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome