Wedding in Chateau Baroque (Liblice) Polina and Vadim

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Wedding in Chateau Baroque Liblice in Czech Republic is always a unique event with a beautiful ceremony. But the marriage of Polina and Vadim was something really extraordinary. They are cute and very interesting people fully in love with each other. I’m proud and happy to have been invited as a Czech wedding photographer in Prague to that event.

Wedding in Chateau Baroque Liblice

Summer in Prague and generally in Czech Republic is a pretty tricky season, because one day can be sunny and the other – rainy. The day when Polina and Vadim decided to get married in Chateau Baroque welcomed everyone with the sun and warmth. Therefore from the very morning all the friends and relatives were inspired and joyful.

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Bride and Groom

Polina is a tiny and very beautiful bride always willing to do something extraordinary. Actually she brought ballet shoes to her wedding in Liblice in order to have some interesting wedding photos. I’m was pretty surprised that she didn’t take a snowboard, because beside being a ballerina she is a snowboard instructor. Isn’t it an amazing mixture of interests?

Wedding in Chateau Baroque Prague and Czech Republic

By the way the groom is also extreme lover. His passion is skydiving. Could anyone ever guess that they would have such a romantic wedding in Prague and Chateau Baroque? Frankly speaking I didn’t believe that it was true, until Polina’s mother proved these facts.

Photographer in Prague

After the Polina and Vadim got married in Liblice, we had several pictures taken around the Chateau and then went on a tour around Prague Hrad to capture the first moments of their family life with amazing views on the city. I have been shooting weddings Czech Republic for several years and almost all the couples wanted to have several picturesque photos with a well-known red-roof-view on Mala Strana and Prague. And that is quite clear, because even I, a Czech wedding photographer do spend their much of my free time with my friends.

Prague views

Here one can see St. Vitus Chathedral, Prague Hrad, Mala Strana and Vltava. Isn’t Prague the right place where to get married and to start family life? I’m convinced that the capital of Czech Republic is a dream place for your destination wedding. If you still have doubts, I’m ready to show you the city, to disclose some secrets and of course to take some pre wedding photos of your couple in Czech Castles, for instance, Chateau Baroque or Chateau MCely. By the way all the castles here are available for visitors, thus you have an opportunity not only to read, but also to see the possible destination of your marriage.


Polina and Vadim gave an opportunity to create beautiful wedding photos in Prague and Czech castle on the one hand, and on the other hand to enrich the portfolio of mine, wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich. Every single moment we spent together with the couple I felt the energy and love x-raying from them. I believe it is visible in these pictures.

Romantic wedding in Prague

In the very morning when the event was in the moment of ‘let’s get it started’ I noticed, that there were two wedding dresses in the room of the unique Prague Hotel in Mala Strana. The first one Polina put on for the ceremony and the second on for the performance the the brides prepared for their relatives. Actually it was a dance with elements of romanticism and modern pop music. 

wedding in Prague

Aren’t they sweet?

Wedding photographer in Prague

I would thank my lovely brides ones again for choosing me as their destination wedding photographer in Prague. I’m proud to picture the big day of such gorgeous couples. After the wedding in Liblice, Polina and Vadim promised me to meet again in Prague or other European cities in order to take some lovely wedding anniversary photos.

Wedding photographer in Prague

Enjoy the beauty of wedding ceremony in Chateau Baroque (Liblice) located in Czech Republic not so far from Prague.




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