Real wedding in Rome: Adriana and Peter

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Adriana and Peter are my new friends who came to Italy not only because of huge desire to discover something new. They had a plan: to have a solemn church real wedding in Rome. Even though both of the brides are from Slovakia it was pretty a task for Adriana to collect all necessary documents in order to have the event planed.

Real wedding in Rome

After the date and the place of the wedding ceremony in Rome were fixed, the bride started looking for a professional Italian photographer. With help of the global network she came across my official Facebook and after my website. Luckily the date of the wedding was vacant in my schedule, therefore Adriana had several chats in Skype with my assistant Vladimir, who gave the bride all information concerning the shooting. Together we developed the plan of the big day, so that to have not only the ceremony captured, but also to have a photo shooting after the wedding around most popular sights and attractions of Rome.

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Church wedding in Mausoleo di Santa Costanza

To tell the truth it was my first time in this church and consequently the first church wedding in Mausoleo di Santa Costanza. No, I’m not a lazy person. I do constantly discover new locations and venues in Rome and generally in Italy. But there are so many places, that one has to have another life spent for visiting all of them. Moreover little churches do have certain schedule when they are open. So it is better to know all these details in advance. Mausoleo di Santa Costanza is a quite famous place among religious people.

Mausoleo di Santa Costanza matrimoni

My general impression of the wedding ceremony — I was amazed. Believe me, in my work I do visit a lot of church weddings in Rome, Prague and other cities. But this ceremony was very solemn and inspiring. Again and again experience proofs the fact that these are the people and in such case the priest who create the atmosphere of the event. From this particular wedding I remember some moments of ringing silence. That was a true ceremony of two sincere people.

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I always say, that our life is a miracle. Unpredictable things happen all the time. That day we witnessed something special. Since the wedding was planned for a week day and quite far from the place where brides live, there was no chance to have guests at the event. People work and have plans.

Where to get married in Rome

So neither Adriana nor Peter expected to see any of their friends that day in Rome. But a miracle happened right before the ceremony. When Peter was about to take his beloved to the church, he saw a car approaching. Some of the friends arrived in Italy to share the happiness of the big day with Adriana and Peter. That was the best wedding surprise and present ever!

Rome wedding photographer

The brides were super inspired and went into the church, prayed and promised to love each other till the end of the life. And right at this moment another miracle happened. The sun looked into the window warming us with amazing light. For any wedding photographer such a surprise is a happy moment, when you start shooting like crazy, because the pictures do look amazing and there is no other chance to have such unique natural lightning.

Wedding photo journalist in Italy based in Rome

That was the real church wedding ceremony in Rome for Adriana and Peter presented by professional photo journalist in Italy.

Wedding photo shooting in Rome

After the ceremony we continued shooting in the city centre. In our plan we had: Coliseum, Vatican and Villa Borghese. The latter is a must for any Rome wedding.

Wedding photo shooting in Rome

By the Coliseum we had some funny photos taken to switch from official mood to something easy and free.

Wedding photos at Coliseum

So we broke the ice and continued the way. I was pleased with how easy it was to photo the couple, because in some moments they didn’t pay any attention at me giving all the freedom a wedding photojournalist may need to create something special.

Vatican marriage photography

Vatican met us with evening soft light. I would never stop saying that Rome is the best destination for a wedding or honeymoon trip. Any period of year it has vast facilities for a couple to get amazing photos and to get inspired for a long family life.

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That warm evening we continued in Villa Borghese. This is a big park that opens unique views over the city centre. Any photographer can go mad there, because there are some many places with certain fantastic atmosphere.


There are romantic benches hidden from eyes of passers-by. Visit Villa Borghese at least once and enjoy the place! I let the couple to realise what happened that day to them and was taking the pictures from distance.

Villa Borghese

That was the day Adrian and Peter from Slovakia spent with an Italian photographer at their church wedding in Rome. Enjoy the photos, comment and get inspired.






















Villa Borghese at night

Rome wedding photography

Peter and Adriana, thank you for that amazing day, for your love and tenderness. I was really pleased to be your wedding photographer and it was my honour to capture some sweet moments from your real wedding in Rome. Let’s keep in touch! When in Italy, you know how to find me.
Sincerely, Artur and Vladimir

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome