Honeymoon in Rome, Irina and Alexander

Honeymoon in Rome English Speaking Wedding Photographer in Rome

My dear friends, I have a very fresh shooting from honeymoon in Rome of Irina and Alexander. Together we spent a beautiful morning and now I’m ready not only with the pictures, but also with a story about the couple and their adventures in Italy. Moreover, here I have a very nice plan of how to make your honeymoon trip comfortable and interesting. Irina and Alex decided to break down rules and had the following plan for their big day. And it was really a serious step for them.

18 March, 2014

  • 09.00 – official wedding registration in Moscow;
  • 10.00 – express train to Airport;
  • 12.00 – Moscow to Rome flight;
  • 19.00 – dinner in Rome;

19 March, 2014

  • 07.30 – photo shooting in Rome;
  • 10.00 – Villa Borghese views and amazing morning;

Honeymoon in Rome

Spring in Italy

Though spring is a bit late this year, March is pretty warm and comfortable for taking pictures in wedding gown and suit. Therefore, after a shot conversation in Skype I persuaded them to ware the dress and the suit for the photo session.


As usual, the day before we started our honeymoon trip with a photographer in Rome, a dinner was held in a cosy and beloved restaurant. We got acquainted with each other, looked into ones eyes and of course discussed the plan and the ideas that came to brides’ minds after first hours spent in Italian capital.

We decided to start from the most popular and recognisable attraction in Rome — Coliseum. Early morning is the best time to enjoy it without overcrowding. As many other brides, Irina couldn’t understand why the shooting was held so early. But after several pictures taken she thanked me for an opportunity to see the city empty. But the hardest task had our makeup artist Anna, who had to get up even earlier than all of us. And she did her job perfectly well! So it was my turn.

Photographer in Rome

Honeymoon in Rome


Rome wedding pictures


Honeymoon in Rome and Italy photographer Artur

Wedding photographer in Rome

Santa Maria di Loreto – is a very beautiful church. There are hundreds of them in Rome and what is interesting all of them are open for visitors.

Santa Maria di Loreto

This arch in Rome Forum was constructed in 203 AD.

Rome Forum

Photographer in Rome

The Arch is 21 meters hight, 23 meters widthways and 11 meters deep.

Rome Arch

Honeymoon in Italy

How to know whether are you a devoted traveler and know Rome well enough? You will never buy water for 2 Euros, but drink from numerous fountains with drinking water, like Irina does in this picture.

Fountains with drinking water in Rome

After several minutes from that place we came to the famous square, where according to the legend Romulus and Remus founded the city of Rome.

Romus and Remus

Rome photography

This is true Roman lifestyle. We were making our way though the traffic jam and all the drivers were beeping us! This is Italy!

Honeymoon in Rome

Artur Jakutsevich wedding and engagement photographer in Rome and Italy

Love sign in Rome

They say that a picture with an unknown couple will make you happy for the entire life. A couple for sure should wear a dress and a suit like Irina and Alex. So, while I was picturing my new honeymoon friends, a couple of strangers just stood in front to have one photo with the newlyweds.


Step by step we reached the Spanish Square in Rome.

Spanish square in Rome

After we did 138 steps of the Spanish Steps we saw an amazing view on Trinità dei Monti.

Trinità dei Monti

Spanish steps

Views of the city

After so to say a flat part of the honeymoon photo shooting in Rome we conquered on of the most popular hills in the city. Irina was so much impressed with the fantastic and picturesque view of the city, that could hardy utter a word. Alexander had pretty much the same reaction. And to be honest, I was also under huge impression, even though I visit this place several times a month.


Honeymoon in Rome

Honeymoon in Rome

Rome photographer

Giovanni Boccaccio

As I have already mentioned, together with Irina and Alex we got to know each other via Skype. The basic features of character and preferences were revealed to me. Though, during the shooting I highlighted something new in both of them. As matter of fact, it occurred that Irina is not afraid of height at all.

Wedding photographer in Rome

Honeymoon in Rome photographer

The picture above was a real step for Alex, because unlike Irina he is afraid of height. For me it was also something extraordinary, since with my 2 meters I’m already high enough.

Extraordinary wedding photos

Honeymoon in Rome photo

Rome photo

Photographer in Italy

These extreme moments inspired by Irina attracted attention of tourists and passers-by. Nobody was sure that they were just taking honeymoon pictures and were not going to jump.

Tourists in Rome

Even the police paid their precious attention to the situation, though they just asked the couple to leave the parapet.

Police in Rome

So after extreme experiments Alex decided to pay his wife back and let her swim in the fountain.

Villa Borghese

Rome Villa Borghese

Lovers in Rome

And one of the most positive moments was captured when we were passing a crowd of Italian kids. Every child was shouting: «Auguri, Augiri» – that means “Congratulations”.

Villa Borghese Rome photo

Spring in Villa Borghese is amazing period. The area is very fresh and beautiful. Every tree and every bench is romantic and attractive. They create unique atmosphere. I love to take engagement, wedding and honeymoon pictures there.


Villa Borghese


Photographer in Rome Artur Jakutsevich

Wedding photographer in Rome

Villa Borghese

Photo from Rome

Honeymoon in Rome

Thank you my friends for coming to Italy and choosing me as your photographer for a honeymoon in Rome March trip. I’m a happy person to have an opportunity to meet you! My life shows that the world is quite tiny and I hope to see you one day somewhere else. Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome