My beautiful wife in Vienna


It’s always good when you have a photo camera, and it’s even better when you have someone to shoot. I have both! I’m a lucky man. So another photo session I would share with you was made by me last April in Vienna for my beloved Jane. Besides being the  editor in chief of an online magazine «Italy4me», Jane is my wife. Together we travel much and one of the locations where we were was the capital of Austria. Vienna absolutely differs from other cities where I shoot Jane.


I had already been in Vienna therefore this time we didn’t have to rush anywhere. Therefore I had a free schedule of the tour: enjoy the city early in the morning, breakfast, sleeping, evening walk. The reason is very simple. Vienna is an extremely popular city with tourists. So to avoid crowds we always get up early, go to see the attraction. This is a good formula of discovering a new place.

Photographer in Vienna

To say honestly, I do love to sleep, and every time when I have to wake up early in the morning I’m asking myself «what good will that do me?» Well, the answer is that I have never regret it. The best motivator is the result of a photo shooting.

Wedding photographer

Any morning city is just for us. You must admit that it is far better and comfortable to enjoy the architecture of a city when no one disturbs you. It’s great to be alone in such moments. So together with my beloved wife we fully enjoyed the opportunity to make some absolutely amazing shots in Vienna.

Photographer in Vienna

It was our April in Vienna.

April in Vienna
And now it’s time for Jane to say some words about the trip: «Our trip to Vienna was spontaneous as many other trips, but at the same time it my Birthday. That’s why the best present, which I could have got from the photographer was a photo session. Artur had never shoot me before, at least I can’t say that it was a «photo session». So, do not judge harshly our first experience of working together.

Photo session

I have never been to Vienna before, that’s why I had a lot of positive emotions and really fell in love with the city. People often compare Vienna and Prague. To say honestly, I do not know why, as they are so different. Prague seams to me a stone middle age village while Vienna is a really gorgeous and fabulous city.

Vienna Prague

That’s why a photo shooting in Vienna was a real pleasure. Especially with such a professional like Artur, that can make a supermodel of anyone.”

Professional photographer

Vienna photo

Photographer in Vienna

Prague Vienna

Professional photographer in Vienna

Architecture of Vienna


Professional photo shooting in Vienna

Photographer in Vienna

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Vienna photography

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