Vienna photo shooting for Elena and Dmitry: together forever


Vienna is considered to be one of the most attractive cities in the World. Tourist travel to the capital of Austria for different reasons. The most popular things to do in Vienna are: to try famous coffee, to visit opera and to get inspired with architecture. But if the mentioned list of activities is not yours, I can assure you, that everyone will find there something special and attractive. Personally I did several day trips from Prague, where I used to live several years ago. Also I carried out a photo shooting in Vienna for my beautiful wife.

Vienna photographer

This time I was invited to Austria by my clients Elena and Dmitry from Russia. Our first photo shooting took place in the Netherlands. We had a lovely autumn photo session in Amsterdam. Since thseey are very busy people, who carry on several businesses, every trip means a lot for them, therefore Elena decided to have a photo shooting, which will help to create family album not only with selfies, but with professional photos as well.

Professional photos

From every couple I do learn something new. With Dmitry and Elena I realised how strong and powerful people can be. They have been together for 20 years. They have 4 kids. They, as mentioned above, are very busy, but even though they manage to find time to discover new countries. Of course it happens not so often, but as Elena told me, their love got stronger with every new traveling experience.

Vienna photography

How to plan a shooting in Vienna?

We planned to start that September photo shooting day from St. Stephen’s Cathedral located in the city centre. Accidentally, the first picture taken was linked to the last picture I took with Elena and Dmitry in Amsterdam. There were two bikes in the photo! I considered such a sign to be very inspiring. But just round the corner there was another déjà vu. We came across a flower stall, just the same thing happened when we were shooting in the capital of the Netherlands. Don’t forget to give present your woman with flowers and of course photo shootings with professional photographers.

Photo shooting

As it usually happens, we didn’t plan a strict route to follow, but discussed several key locations to visit. There were two thing to guide us: morning light and intuition.

Morning in Vienna

I always appreciate, when couples trust me as a photographer and fully rely on me in terms of shooting, since I do have such kind of experience. Elena and Dmitry gave me full freedom of process. They were enjoying the atmosphere of Vienna and I was shooting them.

Photographer in Vienna

Place to visit

While touring the city we were trying to avoid overcrowded locations. And it was quite a hard fast, since Vienna is extremely popular among tourist. But on the other hand we could not resist our strong desire to enjoy some of architecture, that create certain and quite unique ambience in the city.


Modern Architecture in Vienna

If someone asks me what makes such a city as Vienna so attractive, I would say, that these are the details. While planning our September trip to the capital of Austria, give yourself enough time to stay and watch. Believe me there are some masterpieces which one can behold for hours.


Where to take photos in Vienna?


This photo shooting in Vienna took us about four hours, but no one was tired. Of course we had several coffee breaks, but generally either due to fresh Austrian air or the magic ambience of the city, we did feel inspired, but not exhausted.

Austria in September photo

Monuments in Vienna

Modern art museum

Photo shooting in September

Street photography

My couple usual ask recommendation about new cities I work in and I’m pleased to share the information I learn while touring this o that city.















Hotel in Vienna

If your plan is to have a romantic trip to Vienna, I advice is to follow the example of Elena and Dmitry and to stop in Palais Coburg Residenz hotel. The pictures above were taken right in front of the build. Luxurious five star Hotel Palais Coburg is located in the city centre of Vienna.


Other variants of hotels

In my personal list of beautiful cities Austrian capital is in the first page. Therefore I’m so happy to visit it. There are a lot museums and historical attractions as in Rome or Paris. So, in case you would like to have a photo shooting in Vienna in September or any other period of year, feel free to fill out the contact form.

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