Photoshooting in Tarragona

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Vladimir and Valria decided to combine September holidays at seaside in Salou (Spain) with a romantic photo shooting in Tarragona — one of the most attractive towns in Catalonia. One day before the session I came from Barcelona to meet with the couple and to plan the shooting. As usually I suggested having an early morning photo shooting in order to avoid crowds and to get the best light possible. The same morning sessions I carry out in Rome, Venice, Paris, Prague and Amsterdam.

Early in the morning Tarragona is free of people, the sea is calm and only sometimes one can meet locals strolling down the street to the nearest cafe for a morning coffee.

The sea

To find an english speaking photographer in Salou is not an easy task, but my friends managed to do it and so we began. The first photos were taken by the seaside, when the beach is calm and there is no one. During the day Salou is a noisy and boiling town full of tourists. So if you are looking for romantic atmosphere, wake up early.

  • In September the best time to start a professional love story photo shooting in Tarragona is 6.30 a.m. Yes, it is early, but the results of such a sacrifice are the unique pictures of your couple. Have a look below!

Photographer in Tarragona

Photographer in Salou

Romantic photo shooting in Spain

Love Story in Tarragona

Ambiance of old streets

In some 30 minutes we were already in the ancient streets of Tarragona looking for spots and inspiration for photos. I should say the atmosphere of this town is as romantic as in Rome. And this is absolutely true fact.

Streets of old Tarragona

Engagement photo shooting in Spain

English speaking photographer in Salou

Ideas for a love story photo shooting in Spain

Professional photographer in Tarragona

Photo shooting in Spain

Cathedral in Tarragona

One of the attractions in Tarragona is its Cathedral. It’s portal and amazing doors impress every visitor. My couple was also inspired and we too some nice pictures there.

Cathedral in Tarragona

Cathedral in Tarragona photo shooting

Taking photos in front of the building from the 12th century will be a bright memory for the rest of the life.

Photographer in Tarragona


Love Story in Spain

Street photography in Tarragona

Happy couple in Tarragona photo shooting

Romantic photo shooting in Spain

Love Story in Tarragona

Professional wedding photographer in Tarragona

Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Amphitheatre in Tarragona is a unique construction which looks like Coliseum in Rome. But the former is much older: the first gladiator fights took place there in the 2 century B.C.

Roman Amphitheatre in Tarragona

Sea photo shooting in Spain

Love Story in Tarragona

Engagement holiday photo shooting in Salou and Tarragona

Ancient Aqueduct or Devil’s Bridge

Some 10 kilometers away from Tarragona there is another very interesting and old construction built by Romans — Ancient Aqueduct or as locals call it: Devil’s Bridge. This place was the finish line of our photo shooting in Salou and Tarragona.

Ancient Aqueduct or Devil’s Bridge

Ancient Aqueduct in Tarragona

Love Story in Tarragona

Professional wedding photographer in Spain

Valeria and Vladimir, I want to thank you for a very positive and happy morning and for your trust. Look forward to get an invitation for your wedding. Sincerely yours, Artur.

Looking for an English speaking photographer in Spain?

  • My friends, if you liked this photo shooting in Salou and Tarragona and you are looking for a photographer in Spain, please contact us with the help of the contact form.
  • High season in Salou begins in May and stretches till October, therefore I recommend to book the date some 8-10 before your trip to Spain.
  • The price of the shooting starts with 1100 Euros. More information find in the FAQ.