Elopement in Chateau Challain: Veronika and Anzor

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What associations with France do you have? As for me, France is a country of castles, princes, perfumes, and vines. By the way there are more then 10 000 castles in the country, and about a half of them are private and open to visitors. The French call them Château — a house in a countryside, which is owned by an aristocrat or a nobleman. There is always a garden, lake or vineyard on its territory. Today I would like to tell you about Veronika and Anzor’s wedding in one of the most beautiful castles of France — elopement in Chateau de Challain.

Chateau de Challain

From my point of view, Chateau de Challain is one of the greatest place, where one can arrange a destination wedding or spend holidays in luxury apartments. Have a look at the video below to know some interesting facts about the Chateau. Cynthia, the owner of the place is opening the secrets and speaks about the history.


Veronika and Anzor got married and celebrated the birth of their family in Russia. The next day they flew to Paris, then to Nantes and finally to the Chateau. Her dream was to plan an elopement in a real French Castle. And the dream came true!


One of the key moments of any wedding is bride’s preparations. Usually morning of the bride is full of nervous and rush. But Veronika slept well, had a breakfast and then had a morning walk in the garden. And only afterwards she met with her stylist, who made amazing hairdo and make-up for the bride.

wedding make-up

There are so many beautiful and interesting details in Chateau. One can touch everything he likes, sit on every chair and sofa, open any door of any room. There are no door locks. Let’s have a look at some amazing things.

wedding rings

These chess were presented to Cynthia by one of the famous completist. And if you like, you can play a game, while the bride is getting ready.

Interior of Chateau Challain

How do you find this luxury wedding apartment?

Luxury wedding apartments

Well, after two hours of preparations, the bride is ready to make one of the most important step in her life.

Bride Chateau Challain

When I first saw the couple, I realised that the elopement will be very interesting. And it is not because of the place of the ceremony. Anzor is a very positive groom. He wasn’t shy in front of the camera. He was making fun all the time. Like a kid, you know! Such a behaviour is a real treasure for a wedding photographer!

Groom portrait

It was my first time when I saw a groom who agreed to make a make-up. And actually it was a great idea. There is no matter whether you are a male or female, make-up helps to avoid oily sheen and as a result lights on photos. So, dear grooms, take your cue from Anzor. The man made sacrifices for art!

Makeup for groom

Finally, the bride and the groom were ready!

Makeup for groom

Bride and groom

Wedding preparations in Chateau

While the stylist was making his job, Cynthia and her team were decorating gazebo, which is located in one of the gardens. Right there Anzor and Veronika made their vow a bit later. Within some 2 hours non of us could recognise gazebo. Everything was prepared for elopement in Chateau.

Wedding preparations

The main difference of the castle from other ones is, as I have already said, that you can walk, sit and lie everywhere you want. You can touch everything you like. Cynthia says: «Chateau Challain is a home, and everyone should feel himself comfortable here».

Wedding in French Chateau

One of the features of the castle is spiral stairs. Its geometry is awesome.

Chateau Challain wedding photographer

Get married in Chateau

There are a lot of rooms in the castle. And Anzor was spending time playing chess in one of them, let us say, «man’s» room. Gorgeous decorations helped him to concentrate. And only clicks of my camera would bring Anzor to real life.

Inside Chateau Challain

And finally, Veronika and Anzor saw each other in all their beauty. The couple is ready for the wedding ceremony in one of the most beautiful castles of France. While the team was decorating, the bride and the groom were safeguarded by the bravest guard.

French wedding

That was the sign to begin the wedding!

Anzor and Veronica

Let’s start!

Wedding photo

How is a wedding ceremony held?

If you are going to organise your elopement in the Chateau in a warm period of the year, most probably the ceremony will be held in a gazebo, which is located in the garden behind the Chateau. As for me, it is the most romantic place for the wedding ceremony there.

romantic wedding ceremony France

I am sure, that any bride images such a castle for her luxury destination wedding.

luxury destination wedding

That’s it!


CeremonyChateau Challain Elopement in France Get married in Chateau Challain

Now Anzor and Veronika are married not only by the law of the Russian Federation but by the law of Chateau de Challain, which is far more important.

Professional wedding photographer

Right after the ceremony I spent few hours with the guys. They were walking, kissing, enjoying themselves and I was catching these tender moments.

Wedding in French castle Chateau Challain Wedding in France Photographer in Chateau Challain Luxury destination weddingChateau Challain Wedding photos bride

Chateau de Challain Chateau de Challain photo Chateau de Challain arrange a wedding Wedding in France photo ElopementBest wedding photographer

Wedding photos from Chateau Challain

Wedding dinner

After the photo session a royal wedding diner was prepared for Anzor and Veronika.

dinner and Chateau

Even hundred of photos can’t reflect all the atmosphere of the Chateau. The most amazing thing, that it is not necessary to have an elopement there to plunge into the ambiance.

Wedding in French castle Chateau Challain Interior of the ChateauWedding dinnerWedding for two people where to arrange wedding cake

Well, that’s all I would like to tell you about Anzor and Veronika’s elopement in Chateau Challain. As you see, this gorgeous place is ideal for big luxury weddings, as well as for small romantic ceremonies for two only. I want to thank the brides for their trust and for being so open and easygoing.

Useful information for future brides and grooms

Dear friends, I am sure you, that now you are interested, how to arrange a wedding ceremony in the castle. Cynthia works individually with every single couple. That means, there is no packages for the services. All the organization is built on bride’ s wishes and groom’s potential. But I will show you approximate figures, to have approximate calculations:

  • cost of the flight tickets to Paris or Nant may vary from 300 to 1000 Euro, depending on the country you will fly from;
  • rent of the castle for two nights, decorations, make-up, hairdoes – from 5 000 to 20 000 Euro (there are a lot of variants and options, which are calculated individually);
  • photo and video shooting – from 2 500 to 15 000 Euro (the price depends on the amount of photographers/videographers, that will take part in a shooting);
  • To learn more about our way of working, please read the page with F.A.Q;

To learn more details about variants of destination wedding locations and other issues, please fill out the contact form and you will get a free Skype consultation with one of the best wedding coordinators in Europe, Vladimir Novikov.

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  1. Veronica Ushakova

    We found this experience of the wedding in Chateau de Challain accompanied by the photo- and videosessions absolutely unforgettable not only due to royal / fairy tale atmosphere of the castle but also due to friendly and positive atmosphere created by our photographer Artur Jakutsevich and videographer Alexander Znaharchuk. Though we never met Artur and Alexander before our wedding day, we felt like knowing them for a long time when spending time with them on the day of the ceremony. Though we are very demanding, Artur managed to exceed our expectations towards the wedding portfolio we received from him. All the photos were very artistic, lively and natural, distinctive from what we tend to see on plain wedding ceremonies – artificial poses and facial expressions. Artur has a very artistic and unique approach to what he is doing. We are happy to have chosen Artur for our wedding photosession.

  2. Yana Tretyakova

    I wish I had the same professional artistic photos from my wedding! Artur, you are the best.

  3. Vladimir Novikov

    Veronica Ushakova it was my pleasure to assist you with all the questions concerning the wedding in Chateau Challain. I know how hard it is to plan a destination wedding especially in such a luxury place. Lots of discussion should be made and issues discussed. And we managed to do the pre wedding preparations and as a result your big day was a success.

  4. Vladimir Novikov

    Veronica Ushakova it was my pleasure to assist you with all the questions concerning the wedding in Chateau Challain. I know how hard it is to plan a destination wedding especially in such a luxury place. Lots of discussion should be made and issues discussed. And we managed to do the pre wedding preparations and as a result your big day was a success.

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