Wedding trip to Riomaggiore: Egor and Olga

Photographer in Italy

Today I will illustrate in wedding photos from Riomaggiore one of the most romantic destinations in Italy. This is one of five fisherman villages located in Cinque Terre — region which a part of Unesco world heritage. This location we opened together with my new friends from Russia Olga and Egor, who planed their honeymoon trip to Italy and asked me to be their photographer in Riomaggiore.


Frankly speaking I was not expecting something too special from a village, because there are quite many venues that look alike. For example villages in Amalfi Cost near Naples are also tiny, with narrow streets. But there is one significant difference that make Riomaggiore quite unique. Try to guess. Ok, I will tell you. These are colours that make Cinque Terre so attractive for individual tourists and for couples willing to have a wedding photo shooting.

Riomaggiore wedding photos CinqueTerre

Photo shooting

The day before the shooting I arrived at the place. We met with the couple, had a delicious Italian dinner and of course we discussed the plan for the following morning photo shooting in Riomaggiore. When the plans were fixed we left the restaurant to have some night pictures taken. That was the perfect time for that, because the sky was dark blue and the street lights were on. Moreover the streets were lonely, because all the day-tourists who come to Riomaggiore from bigger cities left the place already.

Cinque Terre wedding

So we had all the possibilities to enjoy the evening and to start our wedding photo shooting in Cinque Terre. It took us about an hour to discover some lovely locations and to picture some special and romantic moments.

Riomaggiore Cinque Terre

Honeymoon photography

Our photo shooting in Riomaggiore we began at 6 a.m. Right time to visit the most beautiful locations and to plunge into the ambience of the places that extremely overcrowded during the day, but is absolutely free at sun rise. We were absolutely alone for several hours. It was magnificent.

Riomaggiore honeymoon

The most popular place to take a picture in the village is the cove with colourful boats and houses around. Just a classical view, that has not changed for recent 2 hundreds of years. I do believe that most of you saw such photos online, but I never thought that it was Riomaggiore.

Riomaggiore photo

After the pictures by the seaside we went to the narrow streets, which Olga liked most of all. We were wondering around the place and taking the pictures. Suddenly from one of the streets we jumped into a square. Well of course in comparison with Rome or Prague, where squares are huge, the one we found in Riomaggiore was like a playground for children. But do locals need something bigger? No, for sure.

What to see in Riomaggiore

By the way, on the square something typically italian happened. In one of the windows there was a old man. He saw the couple and the bride in white dress. You know what he did? He took some rise and rained the couple with it. This is old Italian wedding tradition.

Italian wedding tradition

Let me show you the photos in chronological order.

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_004

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_007

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_008

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_010

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_012

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_013

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_014

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_015

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_016

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_017

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_018

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_019

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_020

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_021

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_022

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_025

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_026

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_027

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_028

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_029

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_030

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_031

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_032

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_033

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_034

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_035

Riomaggiore_wedding_photos_ Cinque_Terre_036

Hotels in Riomaggiore

I would like to give some useful information for those of you who would ever plan to visit this amazing village. If you are in Milan or in Rome, just take a train to the station La Spezia Centrale, where you change for a local train that takes you to Riomagiore within 6 minutes. One way ticket from Rome is about 30-50 Euros. Depending on how in advance you book it.

Riomaggiore hotel for wedding trip

Olga and Egor booked Starfish Holidays apartments located in the city centre at Via Colombo street. This hotel in Riomaggiore costs about 500 Euros for 7 days. Well, quite fare money for such a location. I booked a room in Hotel Villa Argentina, which has also good compilation of price and quality. More over as an compliment guests receive a beautiful view from windows.

Starfish Holidays apartments

Wedding photographer in Italy

That was one day from the honeymoon trip to Riomaggiore of Egor and Olga. Thank you, so much, guys, for inviting me as a professional wedding photographer in Italy. See you in other parts of Cinque Terre. Yours, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome