Ischia honeymoon photo shooting for Anton and Ksenia

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Today I will tell you a story about honeymoon in Ischia. To my mind Italy is the richest country in the world for interesting places attractive to brides and grooms, newlyweds and lovers. Every traveller finds something special in various parts of Italy. There are lakes, rivers, mountains, seas and ancient architecture. Quite a mixture for discovery. Today we shall travel with you and my new friends to a magnificent island called Ischia.

Ischia honeymoon photo shooting

This honeymoon shooting in Ischia we started with a careful planning. In a Skype chat with the brides we discussed all the details and possible variants of the shooting. Since it was not my first visit to the island I knew several locations worth visiting, but to be on the safe side I looked through the materials about the island in advance.

Honeymoon photography in Italy

Hot to get to the island?

By the way it is quite easy to get to Ischia. The biggest closest city to the island is Naples. There you take a ship and within 40-50 minutes get to the point of destination. The price is 20 Euros one way. Not so expensive for a comfortable and very fast means of transport.

Hot to get to Ischia?

On the Island one can find all infrastructure for tourists. For instance my couple Anton and Ksenia stopped at Hotel Poggio del Sole. It is a very lovely place located a bit far from the beaches hidden between the hills. Therefore from all the windows guest of the hotel enjoy amazing panoramic views of Ischai. There is a swimming pool and a restaurant. So for a weekend trip this is a perfect option.

Hotel Poggio del Sole Ischia

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Honeymoon in Italy

Honeymoon photo shooting

But let’s get back to Anton and Ksenia. I’m absolutely sure that their honeymoon in Italy will be a very significant part of family story. We started the photo shooting when all the tourists were still sleeping and enjoying dreams. We made the dream come true and left the hotel and 6 a.m. That is the right time one felt the the whole island belongs him.

Italy honeymoon

There were just three of us enjoying the sun, the sea and the beauty of every moment spent together.

Honeymoon photography

The second part of the shooting was devoted to a famous botanic garden in Ischia. 45 years back one Italian man started his collection of plants, that grow in various parts of our planet. Today there are more than hundred of rear plants arranged in a nice garden. I was pretty impressed even after my visit to world known Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Of course you can’t compare such opposite things, but still bot of them are impressive.

Famous botanic garden in Ischia

I was so inspired with what we saw that day in the botanic garden that completely forgot about the danger that have huge cactuses for human’s body. My left hand felt about 10 needles under skin after my careless movement. But don’t worry, I’m absolutely ok.

Wedding photographer in Italy Artur Jakutsevich

Let’s see the whole day step by step:


Italian photographer














Thank you Anton and Ksenia for choosing me as your photographer for honeymoon in Ischia island. See you again in some other part of Italy.
Sincerely, Artur and Vladimir

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome