Engagement photography in Prague: David and Veronica

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David and Veronica are my first friends in Czech Republic. One day in June by accident we met in a bar and spent the whole evening chatting and discussing various issues. When it was time to say good buy, I asked what was their global plan for the future. Veronica told me that they got engaged and start planning the big day. Being a professional photographer I saw the beauty of the couple and their true love and thought that engagement photography in Prague would be nice idea for them. And it was!

Morning photo shooting

Veronica liked the idea of having a photo shooting in the morning, since she knew perfectly well, how crowded the city is during the day. Therefore I made a plan according to witch the first engagement photo should be done at 6 a.m. The place was fixed as well. Basic idea of the shooting was “I love you and I love you Prague”. 

As many locals David has a dog. These animals are a very significant part of Czech culture and early morning is the high time to go out with a dog. So in the first part of our morning photo shooting in Prague we had three main characters.

Engagement photography in Prague

That was a super idea to take a dog, because with its help we could break the ice, because even though David and Veronica were very open, they could not get relaxed in front of my camera. And this is a typical problem for all the couples requesting engagement photography in Prague or in any other city. What do I do in such situations? To my mind the only real solution is communication. Only with help of questions and dialogues one can get the idea and as a result get relaxed.

Photographer in Prague

And we talked! I did my best to master my Czech, David was practicing his English. And with every new location we visited I could feel that the bridge of mutual understanding between me as a professional Prague photographer and the couple became more and more stable. 


The idea to take a tram and to go several stops by the most popular and beautiful transport in the city was amazing. Because early in the morning there are no people around and June sun gives amazing light. I was really inspired for this engagement photo shooting.

Engagement photo shooting in Prague in June

That morning we followed the Sun and shadows. Mother-nature showed us the way and painted unique frames for amazing pictures. And that is what I love so much about engagement photography: there is no rush like at a wedding photo shooting, and there are no people around, because it is early morning. Lovers are plunged into their feelings and I just capture the moments.

Prague engagement photography

Evening photo shooting

The second part of the engagement photo shooting we planned for the evening. Prague looks fantastic with the lights on and dark sky in the background. It is very romantic and inspiring. By that time David and Veronica paid no attention at me and simply enjoyed each other.

Evening photo shooting in Prague

The most frequent questions that I’m asked by couples is “Where to go in Prague to have nice photos?”. And there is only one answer: “Go wherever you feel comfortable and easy!” With David and Veronica we had some spots on the map singed by generally were moving from one place to another quite randomly. Because it doesn’t really matter much where two people are happy.

Prague photography

Thanks to David and Veronica I had an amazing experience of shooting true love and emotions. And of course I learnt quite a bright example of real and trustful relationships.

Engagement in Prague

This Prague photo shooting I put into music and made a slide show, which reflects every moment of that day. Enjoy it and get inspired!

I want to wish you, my friends, to be happy and know that this piece of engagement photography in Prague would never be possible without your love and your beauty. Let it be just the begging of your long family story. Sincerely yours, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome