Wedding in Poland: photos of Slawomir and Julia

Traditional wedding in Poland Poland

I’m pleased to share with you, my dear readers and couples one of my first photo shooting in Europe. That was the wedding in Poland of Slawomir and Julia. The event took place in Warsaw and was an amazing example of perfect planning, easy minds and fantastic atmosphere of happiness, love and celebration. And to start with, I would thank my old friends who introduced me one day to Julia, the bride, because this particular marriage pushed me forward and opened my eyes to lots of things. As a professional photographer I learned much that day!

I have been to Warsaw many times, but never thought that this city is reach on luxury wedding venues of high quality service. While planning their big day, the brides considered several options from having a symbolic destination wedding in Italy or to follow engagement rout and to get married in Paris, since in Warsaw one can hardly find any gorgeous venues for a ceremony with more than 200 guests.

Wedding in Poland

Bride’s morning

The big day in Warsaw started with a cup of tea and getting ready in one room. Though it was meant to be a traditional polish wedding, the brides had a very democratic view on some traditions. Slawomir was talking with friends on the phone, printing the suit. Julia made hair style and makeup herself. When lovely brides were ready, they went to church to get married according to christian tradition.

Wedding in Poland

Wedding in Warsaw photographer Artur Jakutsevich

When everyone was packed and dressed we started the way from parent’s house to the Church where the religious orthodox ceremony was held.

Get married in Warsaw

Church ceremony

According to all traditions and customs of the Church the ceremony took about an hour. During this procedure everyone who was invited to the wedding was praying. I should say that it was one of the most sincere and romantic marriages I’ve ever seen.

Church wedding in Warsaw

Wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Official reception

After they exchanged the rings and vows, the party started! I love Polish, Russian and other east wedding traditions. They are always very loud, energetic and they are fun. Though every bride and groom in any country are as sincere as they are and happy as they feel.

Traditional polish wedding in Warsaw

As usually there were a lot of congratulations and speeches, especially from the older generation, who tried in certain words to share both love and experience with the newlyweds.

Get married in Warsaw

Finally the brides had some time for themselves. That was the best moments to enjoy the warm day, the location and of course each other. While discussing this Polish wedding plan, Julia pointed out that they did’t feel like taking posed and so to say artificial wedding photos. They wanted lively moments and emotions.

Luxury wedding in Poland

I must say that these are the most pleasant words for me, because I do love and know how to picture moments. The most difficult thing at the wedding for me as a photojournalist is to make brides and guests do something and take poses.

Lovely bride

Wedding reception in Warsaw

You know that most of time I spend traveling and discovering new countries. But every my visit to Poland gives me some kilos to my weight. The reason for such a phenomenon is polish traditional cuisine. They cook great and serve the courses in huge portions. Wedding in Warsaw of Julia and Slawomir was not an exception.

Wedding photographer in Europe Artur Jakutsevich

When the hunger was defeated, the party started. Music made all the guests come to the dance floor.

Wedding photographer in Warsaw and Poland Artur Jakutsevich

That was a pretty long day and night. Wedding party continued until the very morning. And this is very common in Poland to celebrate the big day several days. But for Julia and Slawomir we had another option in the plan. The following day the brides set for their first honeymoon in Prague, with professional Czech wedding photographer Artur Jakutsevich.

wedding photo set

Honeymoon in Prague

My friend and colleague Alexander Znaharchuk met with the couple already in Warsaw and filmed a romantic wedding trip to Prague video. Have a look at it and enjoy amazing views of Czech Capital. Dear reader, please, if you find any material interesting, do tell about it to your friends with any possible means.

Thank you Julia and Slawomir for you love and beauty! I was pleased to be your wedding photographer in Poland in Warsaw. See you one day in Europe!

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome