From Rome with Love: Wendy & Alex photo shooting in Italy

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I met Wendy and Alex in Rome during their engagement in Italy in July. The brides came from the USA to enjoy the beauty of most popular Italian cities and decided to have a professional photo shooting in one of them. On my Facebook Wendy found examples of pictures from Rome and other locations. She got inspired and decided to contact me. That was the beginning of the story.

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When to start a photo shooting in Italy?

To escape from crowds of tourists and from the summer heat we started our photo shooting in Italy early in the morning. The first picture was taken at 6 a.m. Usually travellers don’t leave their hotels earlier than nine-ten o’clock. But I do my best to provide people who would like to discover and to experience something new with the information about best options.

Photo shooting in Italy

The best evidence for choosing the right time and golden hour for the photo session, for instance, in Rome are the pictures taken. Try to make such a photo in July near Coliseum later than at 8 a.m. If you manage, attach one in the comments.


Where to take photos in Rome?

As far one may know, Rome is a fantastic city with huge variety of places for photography. For me personally it was one of the reasons to move from Prague to the Entire City. There are many attractions and places of interest in Italian capital, since the city is reach for ancient architecture and parks. Therefore, with my couples travelling to Italy for different reasons: engagements, weddings or honeymoons we develop individual plans for the shootings, combining both city photos and pictures in so-called green areas — parks and gardens.

Where to take photo in Rome

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So after we had a morning photo shooting with Wendy and Alex in interiors of amazing July morning in Rome and enjoyed the masterpieces of ancient architecture we moved to Villa Borghese.

Photo shooting in Rome

Rome engagement photography

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Photo shooting in Rome and Italy


Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is one of the most popular places in Rome among lovers and engaged couples. This is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in the city, which opens vast variety of opportunities for those who is looking for real Italian romantics. For example one can make a surprising engagement as did Ricky last year or to have a boat trip as Wendy and Alex.

Villa Borghese

That July morning we were the first to take a boat in Villa Borghese and therefore we were the only ones to float the lake. To my mind this is a very romantic place to go in Rome. For me as a professional photographer the place has a perfect combination of beauty and light. For the couples — it is a perfect place to be eye to eye.

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So, I do hope that my advice will help you to choose the right place, time and of course the right photographer in Italy and Rome for your engagement or wedding photo shooting.

Engagement trip to Italy

Wendy and Alex, thank you very much for a lovely morning we spent together and for helping me to capture such cute moments of your love in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. I do hope that your engagement photo shooting in Italy and in Rome will be just a good start for your future travelling experiences. For example, Paris is considered to be a perfect place for a honeymoon trip in July or any other month. Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome