Honeymoon in Prague: Slawomir and Julia

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Let me share with you one of my beloved June photo shootings in Czech Republic. This is Julia and Slawomir, a lovely couple, whose honeymoon in Prague I was capturing. Since we got to know each other pretty in advance, we managed to create to my mind a very beautiful storied of love. That day we spent together several hours and did a fantastic job!

Honeymoon in Prague

Ideas and places to take photos

 I’m sure that most my readers know perfectly well that Prague is a fantastic city with lots of unique and picturesque places where everyone wants to take a photo. But most of these locations are full of people during the day and it is impossible to see them and to understand the beauty. So our first idea for honeymoon photo shooting was to get up early and to start with first sun beams. By the way the photo below is taken in the Old Town Square — on of the most popular attraction in Prague.

Prague photographer

Lennon Wall

Another interesting place is called John Lennon Wall. After quite gothic towers of Prague and dark walls this location recharges your eyes with variety of colours. Just an amazing place for a morning photo shooting in June! Julia’s idea for the honeymoon trip was to get some easy and natural photos, therefore for me it was so comfortable to work and create.

Lennon wall in Prague

Honeymoon ideas

Parks and Gardens

After quite urban start of the shooting we decided to enjoy the nature of the city. This is another unique feature of Prague that opens vast opportunities in front of the couples willing to plan a honeymoon trip to Prague. In close neighbourhood with streets and houses exist parks and numerous gardens with amazing landscapes and flora.

Honeymoon trip to Prague

As you can see any idea that you have in mind can become real, provided you do have interest and enough desire. Slawomir that day was so active and energetic, that we had no other variant, but to him full freedom of action. And he enjoyed that freedom in full. Here I would like to address the grooms, boyfriends and husbands: Guys, this is the way you should show your love and happiness. At least you can try to make you honeymoon in Prague or any other city interesting and funny.

Prague photographer

Street photography

Some hours after we started the shooting it became quite hot. Sometimes in June one can experience quite an extreme hit in Prague +30 or even +35. So to hide from the Sun we took metro and went to the Old Town, where we could find shades in the tiny streets of the city.

Photo shooting in Prague in June

In order to keep high standard of professional photography I do my best to bring couples to new locations or at least to find in the well-known places interesting scenes and compositions. Reflections always help to find nice ideas for photos.

Prague professional photography

Lovers in Prague post wedding photography

And of course these are you, my dear couples, who bring me inspiration! Look at Slawomir, he is so happy. And I’m happy to be able to take nice photos of happy people. Especially is they have kind of special occasion such as engagement, wedding or honeymoon.

Prague honeymoon trip

Thank you so much Julia and Slawomir, for that amazing morning we spent together, for you love and beauty. Hope that this photo shooting at your honeymoon in Prague will be good memory for your family. Keep in touch and see you one day in Italy?

Sincerely, Artur

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome