Summer photo shooting in Rome: Irina and Grigorij

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Irina and Grigorij decided to spent their honeymoon in Italy and planned to have a summer photo shooting in Rome. So some months before the wedding they started to plan the trip. With help of my Facebook they found some of my shootings and decided to have me as an Italian photographer.

Clients from distant cities as Los Angeles or Tokyo are not rear in my practice. Irina and Grigorij live in Vladivostok, Russia. That is about 12 000 kilometres from Italy. Quite a challenging trip, isn’t it.

Honeymoon in Rome

After they arrived in Rome I gave them some two days of time in order to feel the rhythm of the city and to get used to the atmosphere. Because as usually we started the shooting early in the morning when most of the tourist and locals sleep.

Summer photo shooting in Rome

Since it was their first time in Rome, we decide to cover most popular locations and to have an evening shooting in Trastevere as well. But let’s start with the very beginning. 


Rome Vatican photo

I was inspired by Irina’s reaction on every new thing she saw during our summer photo shooting in Rome. She was so positively shocked with the architecture and the beauty of the city, that could keep her emotions inside. And It was so sincere!

Photo shooting in Rome

Italian architecture

Amazing soft light is one of the reasons to start the summer shooting of a honeymoon in Rome early in the morning. At this time you can find all the restaurants absolutely empty. You know why? Because it was only around 7 a.m. We will go for a dinner, but later in the evening.


This is Piazza Navona — one of the most popular attractions in Rome. There were just us!

Piazza Navona

Such an Italian look!

Such an Italian look

I carry out my shooting either engagement, wedding or honeymoon in a very light manner, in order to let the couple feel easy. I don’t make people smile, since they are relaxed and I don’t need to be a clown. I’m professional Italian photographer in Rome and what I do — I take lovely photos. Therefore at the shooting there is always some to time to play a game on the phone. Why not?

Honeymoon photography

While Grigorij was opening new levels on his phone, Irina was charging with electricity the car.

Photo shooting ideas

After that we moved to one big and famous park. To get to Villa Borghese we took a cab — the fastest and most comfortable transport in Rome. It took us 5 minutes and about 15 Euros. Usually in Summer the place shown in the picture below is overcrowded, so to find it the way it looks like this, one has to get up really early.

Villa Borgese

To know how much I love this amazing view over my beloved city, you should come here with me one day during a professional photo shooting in Rome.

Rome wedding photographer

Villa is a unique place with various facilities for active and not so much active relax. People jog here, sleep, read and of course make photos as we did that day. Another positive side of Villa Borghese is its location. There are quite many restaurants and hotels around the Villa. For example NH collection Roma Vittorio Veneto hotel, where Irina and Grigorij stopped for their honeymoon. Quite a romantic place to stay in Italian capital for such an occasion in summer.

Rome honeymoon

Villa Borghese photo

Honeymoon photography

He is so cute, isn’t he!

Italian photographer

I found this huge tree while shooting wedding anniversary for Yang and his wife.

Rome in June

Honeymoon ideas

Honeymoon shooting in Rome Italy
So, that was the first part of the honeymoon summer shooting in Rome with professional Italian photographer. After some hours of sleep and rest we gathered with my new friends from Russia in order to continue taking pictures in one of the most attractive cities in the world.

Photographer Artur Jakutsevich

Professional wedding photographer in Italy, based in Rome