Photographer in Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria — Canary Islands

Photographer in Tenerife

Though I’m located mostly in Italy and Rome, I do like travelling and often take request for destination weddings, engagement and honeymoons. One of my beloved locations is Canary Islands. I’ve already been to Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. Among this three I islands I would personally recommend Tenerife, since to my mind this is one of the most beautiful islands among other exotic destination locations. I had my pre-wedding photo shooting in Tenerife.

Though other parts of Canary Islands are also magnificent and have their own peculiarities. That is why together with you, we can make an interesting plan for a wedding, engagement or honeymoon shooting. All your ideas and thoughts are extremely precious and they can be taken as a basis for the photo session. So to make everything clear for you I made kind of a plan.

Photo shooting in Tenerife (other Canary Islands)

  • Step 1: Skype chat with date, time, idea discussion
  • Step 2: Meeting in your hotel the day before the shooting with final plan discuss
  • Step 3: Photo shooting at sunrise the following day about 2-3 hours + 1-2 hours in the evening

My fee for this service is 1300 Euros, provided you send us the request 2 months before the shooting. In other case we will have to discuss the issue. In the price are included:

  • my travel and accommodation expenses
  • photo shooting planning
  • photo shooting itself
  • photo edition (you will get about 100-150 processed pictures)
  • all necessary consultations

I would highlight that it is a basic offer. With every couple I work absolutely individually and therefore if you have something that is out of time frames stated above, feel free to make a request with detailed description of your plan and idea. To learn more info about photography in Tenerife and Canary Islands, please carefully fill out the contact form below:

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